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Title + Blurb Reveal!

Friends, I have some fun book news to share with you today.

My publisher, Wild Blue Wonder Press, has given me permission to share the title and blurb for my novella that will be published in their debut anthology collection, Springtime in Surrey.

I’m in the midst of revisions right now, and I’m finding that challenging in a positive way. I will admit to being quite overwhelmed at times through this process. Tears may have splashed onto my cheeks on more than one occasion. Struggling through that via prayer and hard work has been utterly good for me and has built up some confidence in the writing skills God has gifted me.

It’s been especially good to have a team of co-authors (of the collection, not of my particular story) to encourage me along the way. Even though I might not bring all of my worries and such to the group, because that’s not how I process things, it is wonderful to be in a community that is supportive of one another’s journey and lends a hand in various ways to help us all grow and learn as we write and revise and polish our way to publication.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at my story’s title and blurb.

The Cottage on the Hill
by Andrea Renee Cox

She cried into her tea every afternoon.
He wondered why.

Moira Wood lost her ballerina dreams when she suffered an unfortunate accident. During every teatime at her cottage hideaway, it hits her afresh what she won’t again be able to obtain.

Helping out on his uncle’s farm, Adrian Davis worries he’ll never earn a place of his own. While sent on a bevy of errands, he observes a woman crying into her tea and wonders why… and what he can do to cheer her up.

When forced to confront their own regrets, will Moira and Adrian trust that God has a good plan even through crushed dreams and far-off hopes?


Very soon, I’ll have more things to share about this novella collection, such as beautiful cover art, a release date, and more. If you want to be in the loop, be sure to follow the blog for all the latest updates. I post all of my book news here on Writing to Inspire first.

If The Cottage on the Hill sounds like a novella you’d like to read, be sure to share this article with your friends. It’s always fun to share our excitement (especially about good books!) with the people we love.


I’m excited about the other stories that will be in the anthology too. I’ve already gotten glimpses at titles and blurbs, and, y’all, we’re in for some very entertaining stories! While they’re not mine to share, I’m sure my fellow authors will be revealing their titles and blurbs very soon. I’ll share the links as soon as I have them so you’ll know where to find more information about the Springtime in Surrey anthology.

In fact, one of my fellow authors has already revealed her title and blurb. Please visit Grace A. Johnson’s website for more details.


Let’s get to know one another:

How do you find your community helpful?
How do you contribute to your community?

Does The Cottage on the Hill sound like a story you’d like to read?
What intrigues you most about the blurb?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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