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New Policy + WIF Camp Registration

Right when I think I’m figuring out this blogging schedule thing, a smack to my physical health happens. I’ve been dealing with a hitch in my steps due to tightness in my lower back. Thankfully, I think the episode is nearly over, as my mobility is much better and my pain and discomfort levels are decreasing nicely.

The required rest to heal has been helpful in more than one way. My body has been recuperating, but in practicing listen, my One Word for the year, my spirit has found the restfulness to be restorative. The forced slow-down has reminded me of the old days, when my family and I sat on the porch and chatted as we watched fireflies dance around the dusk-covered yard.

I miss those days.

But I’m learning that I can create my own space in which to slow down and appreciate the life God has given me. I’m not yet sure how this slower pace fits in with my editing, tutoring, and writing ministries, but I’m going to have fun exploring options for incorporating some good ol’ days vibes into my life.

Because of the back pain and forced rest, some of the things I was supposed to have already shared with you are a smidge delayed. They’re still coming, and I do apologize, but I greatly appreciate your patience. Sometimes we can’t help the way life goes.

However, there’s one thing I can’t delay, so I’m staying up late to get it done. (And I paused at 1:30 a.m. to get some sleep, so this article is going to come out later than expected on Monday.)

WIF Camp sign-ups are now live.

Before we get to the form, there is a new policy of which you need to be aware.

New Policy for Write In Faith Camp

In order to keep our e-mail list up-to-date and keep camp perks exclusive to participants of WIF Camp, there is a change in policy.

If anyone signs up for camp but does not show up or participate in any way in the camp session for which they signed up, they will be removed from the e-mail list, word crawl document, the official Google Chat thread, and any other camp-related things.

Anyone who misses three consecutive camp sessions, full-month or pint-sized, will be removed from the e-mail list, word crawl document, the official Google Chat thread, and any other camp-related things.

This policy goes into effect with the April 2023 camp session.

No-shows to April’s camp (and any previous camps) will be removed once this camp is over. April’s camp will count as the first of the three consecutive camps, so removal on that count will require two additional missed camps.

That being said, anyone who has been removed under the above new policy is welcome to return to camp at any time that registration is open. Information on upcoming registration and camp session dates may be found on our Write In Faith Camp page.

This new policy is not to alienate or dissuade people from participating. It is simply a way to make sure our camp perks remain exclusive to participants and that our files stay updated.

Registration Is Open

Camp registration is now open, and you’re invited! If you have a story burning to get on the page, Write In Faith Camp might be the place for you. More information about camp and our statement of faith may be found on this page. The registration form may also be found there, as well as in this section of the article you’re currently reading.

Registration is March 13-24, 2023. The camp session will be the full month of April 2023. Doors open one day prior to camp and close one day after.


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