Editing Services

As a copy editor, Andrea Renee Cox checks manuscripts for grammatical errors, typos, inconsistencies, echoed words and phrases (including “pet words”), and formatting variances, among other things. She also checks facts along the way, making sure truth meets fiction in a seamless way.

Projects are edited in order of receipt of payment and manuscript, unless otherwise scheduled.

Only Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx) in the English language are accepted at this time.

Document requirements:
* double-spaced
* 12-point Times New Roman font
* indentions created using the “first line” option in the paragraph settings
* chapters created using the “page break” or “section break > next page” function
* 1″ margins

Manuscripts containing coarse language, graphic violence, sexual content, or other inappropriate content are NOT accepted.

4-Week Turnaround | $2.00 per page, minimum $200.00
3-Week Turnaround | $4.00 per page, minimum $400.00

Note: Books longer than 350 pages will take longer than four weeks. An estimate of time and price may be given upon request.

Full payment must be received prior to the start date of the project. If funds are insufficient, the client will be responsible to resend the full payment plus the bank fees accrued, this time via money order. After the first offense, all future payments must be made via money order. No exceptions.

As a part of every agreement, Andrea requires a copyright page credit (Copy Editor: Andrea Renee Cox) as well as a paperback copy of the completed book once it’s published, sent at the client’s expense.


Andrea Renee Cox reserves the right to turn down any project at her sole discretion.

Please use the form on the Contact page to inquire about current scheduling availability. It is advised to inquire at least six months in advance.


“Andrea has a rare talent of being able to point out all the things that need to be changed without crushing the author’s self-esteem.”
Shannon Sue Dunlap
Author of Love Overboard

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrea for the first novel in my historical family saga series, and it was a truly enlightening experience. She fixed all my messy punctuation, found pet words, picked apart inconsistencies, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my book was the best it could be. Her dedication and promptness were impressive. I definitely look forward to having her edit my stories in the future!”
Kellyn Roth
Author of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, The Hilton Legacy, and the Kees & Colliers series

“I hired Andrea Renee Cox to do final edits on three of my books. These books had already been published and won or finaled in awards, but Andrea took her role seriously as I rereleased these books. She contacted the Nebraska Historical Society to confirm historical details she couldn’t find on her own. Her notes were filled with information and encouragement, and her efforts made my stories stronger. I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Cara Putman
Award-winning author of the Cornhusker Dreams and the Hidden Justice series

“Working with Miss Cox is a genuine pleasure. A skilled editor that always preserves my unique writing voice while helping me strengthen my writing skills, Andrea has patiently helped me polish my novellas until they shine. I would work with Andrea again and again, and I highly recommend her services!”
Allison Tebo
Award-winning author of the Tales of Ambia series and The Goblin and the Dancer

“Andrea Cox’s copyediting caught mistakes that other readers missed. She has a great eye for detail, even remembering that an acronym was used inconsistently hundreds of pages apart, and is incredibly thorough and quick. We hope to use her for future Ashberry Lane edits as we were very impressed.”
Christina Tarabochia
Ashberry Lane Publishing
(Ashberry Lane Publishing was acquired by WhiteFire Publishing in 2018.)

“We are grateful for Andrea Cox’s proofreading service. Her fast turnaround and attention to detail revealed several changes and kept our book on track. I highly recommend her.”
Dr. Scott Turansky
National Center for Biblical Parenting

“Thank you, Andrea Cox. You are tough, but your hard work made my book better.”
Bonnie Leon
Author of the Northern Lights series, To Dance with Dolphins, and Where Eagles Soar

“What a pleasure it was to work with Andrea Cox! Knowing that she was going to be proofing my manuscript gave me such peace of mind. I had anticipated her to look for any typos, misspells, or glaring errors, yet Andrea went above and beyond all of my expectations. She pulled out errors — many that I was stunned to have missed and others that I never would have found myself. To top it all off, she was kind, professional, and concise. Working with Andrea was a blessing through and through, and I would wholeheartedly do it again!”
Joanne Bischof
Award-winning author of the Cadence of Grace series and This Quiet Sky

“When I asked Andrea to look at my work, I was not expecting her to thoroughly engage herself in my story. Her ideas and suggestions made me push myself harder, and I rewrote several key scenes as per her thoughts, which made the scenes far better than I had originally written them. Andrea’s thoughts made my work better. And I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make their work sing!”
Jennifer Major