Anything – Extra Bits

Friends, how would you like some extra bits from my short story in Anything, which released on April 26, 2021? #AnythingKDWC


There isn’t more to the story itself, but there were a couple of things that got left out of the book that I would love to share with you today. (If I ever republish my short story on its own or in a collection of my own shorties, I fully expect to include these bits.)


To the One who provides anything I need… and so much more.

I love You, Yahweh.
My Savior, Jesus Christ, thank You for giving me the talent and work ethic to write stories that honor God Almighty and You. May any accolades be directed to You rather than me, for You are the Giver of talents.

My parents and sister, thank you for cheering me on in my writing. I’m finally published! It’s been a long journey since I wrote my first screenplay at age sixteen, and you’ve been nudging me forward in my writing since day one. Thank you.

My writing buddies, thank you for your encouragement, advice, suggestions, cheerful spirits, and prayers. I am so glad we found each other by God’s direction. He’s made each of us better because of our friendships, and our writing’s improved too.

Dr. Seuss, thank you for sharing your whimsy with the children of the world. Though you’re no longer living, your legacy is and still inspires a plethora of youngsters (and youngsters-at-heart) today. Thank you for never giving up on your stories and artwork despite what the critics said; your determination has inspired me to never give up on my stories either.

Readers, thank you for giving my little story a chance. I hope it touched you in some way and that you’ll consider sharing it with your friends. If you would like to read more of my short stories, please visit my blog, Writing to Inspire, at https://writingtoinspire.blogspot.com.

Friends, if you’d like to learn why I thanked Dr. Seuss (besides the obvious, which is mentioned above), check out my debut book, Anything. You’ll completely understand my mentioning him in the acknowledgements when you read my short story, entitled Any Thing.
Do you want to read my debut book?
Anything is now available! Here’s the link to the paperback version.


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  1. Thanks so much, Mom! Soon as I turn in my current edit job, I'll be diving into my next story (as well as another editing job). Busy, busy!

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