Get Outside {book review}

I have not yet used this journal, but I’ve read all the extras and have thumbed through it several times, pausing to read this prompt and that one. Here’s my review.

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book. These are my honest thoughts.

This is a cute journal. I adored the texture of the cover and the metallic accents on the cover. The lined pages were great, and the prompts were interesting. The little extras that help the journaler to recognize animal tracks, weather patterns, and tree types were helpful and unique additions to a journal.

One negative: A couple of the “myths” at the back were incorrectly “busted.” There have been lots of times that these two particular things have saved lives, so, to me, they are proven facts rather than busted myths.

This book makes a great gift.

I’m looking forward to taking this journal with me on road trips, as I often go on hikes (walks? something of the sort) when I stay at cabins or visit National or State Parks. I’m interested in visiting some of the parks, forests, and trails mentioned in the back portion of the journal. The pages of cloud formations are delights to this weather nerd’s heart. I’ll be studying the clouds on my future trips now that I have a decent guide to them right in this journal.
Whether or not I’ll follow the journaling prompts is yet to be known. Most of my journals end up filled with story ideas, random thoughts, and prayers, along with rants and fangirling and other things, depending upon my mood any given day that I pull out a journal. This one I am determined to first use while outside, since the title, Get Outside, gives instructions right away. I haven’t yet found the right moment and place to take this journal for its maiden journey, but I’ve got high hopes for my experiences with it.


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