The Lady of Tarpon Springs by Judith Miller

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Here’s a review of a book I recently had the pleasure of reading an early copy of (thanks, NetGalley!). I think you’ll enjoy this story.

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received from NetGalley an electronic copy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

A lady lawyer, Greek divers, and an expressive author voice combine to create quite an entertaining and enrapturing tale of maneuvering through life’s trials while striving toward one’s dreams with hope for a brighter future than one’s past.

I love that this book featured Greeks without the mention of false gods. That is such a difficult thing to find!

Besides a few minor inconsistencies, the thing that held this book back from being a complete five-star read for me was that the lawyer and leading lady, Zanna Krykos, often “went to her office,” but there were no details of what she did there or whether she had more than only the one client (Lucy) and assisting in managing Lucy’s sponging business… until 79% of the book! This was way too late to mention other clients (whom we were never introduced to) and how she had supposedly stayed busy with them over the weeks and months that took place in the previous 79% of the story. I wanted much more detail about Zanna’s clients and work to see the intelligence she had as a lawyer and why I should root for her to keep her job rather than cave to her parents’ wishes. I felt like we got way more of Lucy’s clients and work than Zanna’s, and Lucy was merely the best-friend side character.

The rich history of the Tarpon Springs sponging business and Greek divers were spot-on and intriguing. I’d never thought of that sort of business before, and I found it quite fascinating. It definitely added much depth to this story, and I’m so glad Ms. Miller shared so many details about how it all worked. That added an incredible amount of credibility, and it well showed off her research skills.

Another thing I loved about this book was the cover. I had to view it online, as this was an ARC copy with no cover (Kindle copy from NetGalley), but the colors are rich, and the individual pieces come together to reveal many aspects of the story. It’s so fun when that happens. This cover definitely captured the essence of the story, and that made the read all the more enjoyable.

This book will find a spot on my keeper shelf (when I have space for one, that is). I highly recommend it!

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