Soundtrack On Deadline

This will be short and sweet, because I am on an editing deadline the next two weeks.

I often like listening to music while I edit. This time around, the album on my playlist is Overflow by Hannah Kerr. I’m enjoying getting to know these songs even as I’m making minor changes to a client’s manuscript to polish it for your reading pleasure.

I’ve never heard her prior to receiving this CD for my birthday last month (thanks, Sis!), unless I heard one or two songs on the radio occasionally. I’m already loving it and am having fun figuring out which are my favorite tunes.

The first song on the album is especially important to me, because it takes the attitude and determination of a warrior to focus on a project till the end of the deadline.

To “stare down the face of fear” and “keep breathing” are things that help when my mind nudges me with doubts that my work will be as good or better than last time.

To “shout the battle cry” is helpful to shut up those doubts and replace them with positivity and gumption.

What’s my editing battle cry?

God has given me the talent to edit,
and I am using it well for His glory.
Focus. Breathe. Work hard.

For me, that’s God’s truth burning bright in my heart, that He is the Source for the gift of editing I’ve been handed. That truth is what “makes me brave to fight the fight.”

What are you fighting to accomplish today?
How does God’s truth give you the confidence to face your fears?

What’s your battle cry?

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