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Write In Faith Camp: An Invitation

For nearly a decade, I have enjoyed participating in virtual writing camps. These have been great for helping me keep focused in my writing. They’ve aided me in blocking out specific times of day to dedicate to creating stories that someday will be shared with the world. Beyond that, they’ve helped me find online communities of writers, and I’ve built some beautiful friendships through these writing camps.

At this point in my writing journey, it makes the most sense for me to share my love for writing camps with you by creating a camp of my own.

Write In Faith Camp (WIF Camp), hosted by my publishing company, Writing to Inspire Publications, is a place for Christian writers to come together to write in faith that God will bless our time together and build in us a greater faith and produce through us greater stories than we could possibly have without His guidance.

The debut WIF Camp will be hosted on the Slack app (Slack also may be used on internet browsers) during the month of November 2021. Registration is open today, October 18, through Saturday, October 30, 2021. Anyone who wants to join after that will have to wait until the next open registration period, just prior to the next camp.

More information about WIF Camp may be found on its official page, found here on my website. There you will find the statement of faith that every writer must agree to when they register for camp. You’ll also find any updates on upcoming camps and registration periods.

During registration, there is an opportunity to share your state and country of residence (this is optional). This will help us fill out the “States and Countries Represented” portion of the webpage (names will not be attached to the states and countries). One of the fun things about camp is getting the opportunity to write with people from all over the United States and across the entire globe. In the past, I’ve written with folks from states such as Montana, Idaho, Georgia, and Arkansas, and countries such as Canada, England, South Africa, and Singapore. It’s pretty cool to see so many Christians from various corners of the world coming together to create amazing stories that will honor God and advance His kingdom.

If you would like to participate in Write In Faith Camp, please fill out this registration form. If you’re under 18 years old, you will need your parents’ or guardians’ approval. They’ll need to be there with you when you fill out the form.

I’m excited about this camp, but I’m even more excited to see how much enthusiasm y’all bring to it. If there’s one thing I know about gatherings of Christians, it’s this: the Joy that is our Jesus can’t help but overflow when we gather together in His name.

Do you want to come get a WIF of writing with me?

Register now.


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