Writing Update + Setting Goals

July was another successful writing camp for me. Since I was (and continue) dealing with post-WuVi symptoms such as short-term memory loss, sudden fatigue, and severe lack of focus, I set a small (for me) goal of 25,000 words for the month.

Last week’s article told you about some timely reminders I’d received. Friends, these reminders helped me vastly. I was able to zoom right past my word count goal as well as a secondary goal. I nearly reached my third goal of 50k words, coming just short at 48,101 total words for the month.

While I didn’t reach the 50k I’d hoped for, I have exited July with great satisfaction that I was able, by God’s sweet grace, to push through the severe lack of focus and short-term memory loss in order to pen a plethora of words. There were many late nights and last-minute pushes to claim those words, but they have been logged in despite the slight sleep deprivation I may have imposed upon myself in order to do so.
August will likely not see me writing quite as much, but I have new goals I’m setting and striving to accomplish.
Writing | 10,000 words + 10 chapters edited in Child of My Heart
Reading | 6 review books (including from NetGalley and Revell Reads) + 4 owned books
Other | 3 Bible books + take vitamins 3 times a week + read and discard 10 magazines
I have a couple of review books coming due soon, so those will be top priorities. You’ll likely be hearing of them before long, so stay tuned for that. Hopefully I can sneak in a few just-for-fun books to also recommend to you. It’s summer reading time for me, as August (most of it, anyway) is my vacation from my tutoring work.
Already this summer, I have enjoyed the following books and happily recommend them to you. A note on Colleen Coble’s Pelican Harbor trilogy and Terri Blackstock’s If I Run trilogy: You will want to have the full series on hand, because the first two books in both series end on cliffhangers that make you want to immediately pick up the next book in the series.
What did you accomplish last month?
Which goals are you setting for August?
What books have you enjoyed lately?
(Seriously. I love book recommendations!)
Do you want to read my debut book?
Anything is now available! Here’s the link to the paperback version.


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