November Review {part 3}

Movies and Sports
November was quite busy with both movies and sports for me. This included hanging out with friends and family, which is always a special thing for me. I never take for granted that these incredible people are in my life.

There were quite a few movies out at the theater last month that looked quite interesting. The following are the ones I saw, and I enjoyed all of them. It was fun to not uncover a dud among the group. As often as I go to the theater throughout the year (not normally as frequently as it has been in recent weeks), it’s not unusual to stumble upon a movie or two that didn’t quite make the cut for me. It’s always a treat when I hit a streak of great and enjoyable films.

I saw Midway twice, with different folks each time. Wouldn’t you know I wept fiercely both times? Believe it. As Jude Law says in The Holiday, “I’m a bit of a weeper.” (Imagine that line stated in his delicious British accent.) I hadn’t heard of the battle at Midway before, so the movie taught me something. It also opened up a broader and deeper picture of the attack at Pearl Harbor for me. One thing I came away with both times was the devastation to both sides of the war. Both America and Japan suffered great losses in WWII, and this movie highlighted that well while still showing the film from a mostly American point of view. The scope of the air-fights and sea battles was incredible and awe-inspiring even as it was devastating and heartbreaking.

The children’s movies were entertaining to me, even though I’m in my early thirties. I love it when that happens. It takes a lot of talent to make a movie appealing to both children and adults. The adventures in Frozen 2 and Arctic Dogs were both winter-related and great fun, and there were lots of lessons to learn along the way, about pride and family and friendship and determination.

The other two movies, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and Ford v Ferrari (I also saw this nearly-three-hours-long car movie twice), were both based upon true stories and real people. They were entertaining and breathed fresh life into specific moments in history while sharing knowledge about American icons. I especially love learning something through an entertaining film, so these movies really hit the spot.

Preparing for the Finale of a Saga

Later this week, the final installation in the Skywalker Saga of the Star Wars collection of films will be released into the world. To prepare for that, my sister, a friend, and I have been watching all the Star Wars films I own in a between-jobs-and-other-obligations marathon. We just finished the final already-released movie last weekend, so we’re ready to go see the newest installment with a group of friends this coming weekend. It’s so exciting to see where the characters and story go from here and how they wrap it all up. It’s also a little bittersweet, as I grew up watching the original trilogy. It’s sad that the saga is coming to an end, but I’m also glad that I can then rewatch them anytime I want, since I have the whole collection of the three trilogies and two solo films (pun intended).


The Dallas Mavericks (NBA) and Dallas Stars (NHL) both had incredible win streaks in November. They played really well and moved up in the rankings, and individual players broke out of personal slumps as well.

Luka Dončić (Mavericks) averaged a triple-double (points, assists, rebounds) for the month of November, and he earned the Western Conference Player of the Week and Player of the Month (Oct/Nov combined) honors. He’s been having a fabulous sophomore season with the Mavericks, and his future—and that of the entire organization—looks brighter than the Christmas lights I’ve been seeing already this month.


These are the only three guys in NBA history
to average a 30-point triple-double
in a single calendar month.

Photo courtesy of NBA.

On the Stars side of things, the boys got off to a rocky start to the season, but through teamwork and dedication to their craft, they made a complete turnaround in the month of November. Pucks started going in the net for them, wins began piling up, and there were a lot more smiles than scowls in the post-game interviews.

Anton Khudobin making a split-save.

Photo courtesy of Dallas Stars.


Overall, the month of November was really fun to be a Dallas sports fan. The basketball and hockey teams both had wonderful games and made great strides toward their goals for the season, and they did it in entertaining, highlight-reel fashion.

The fun has continued this month, and to begin the new year, the Winter Classic will be held in Dallas for the first time ever. I’m thrilled to be attending with my sister and a couple of friends. I’ve never before been to an outdoor hockey game, having grown up in Texas, where hockey wasn’t prevalent in the small towns I lived in. While football and band may always be the highlights of those particular tiny towns, the Winter Classic’s being hosted only a few dozen miles away might just inspire some kids in my neighborhood (and others in the area) to try out hockey and further advance the sport. Even if little Howe, Texas doesn’t pick up hockey as a prime-time sport, the Winter Classic will be a blast to go to. For me, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cheer for my favorite hockey team in the great outdoors.


Photo courtesy of NHL.
And, yes, I’m hoping for snow to fall come game time. That would cap off the experience as completely incredible.
*All movie poster pictures courtesy of Google Images.
What movies have you enjoyed lately?
What sports do you like to watch or play?
Have you ever attended an outdoor hockey game?

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