Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason {a review}


FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Reads. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts.

Lethal Homecoming

Just as mysterious as I recalled! Again, I didn’t figure out whodunit. I liked the family drama and that this was a complex little novella.

Lethal Conspiracy

Wow. So blown away by this one. Such a great addition to the series. I especially enjoyed the wonderful usage of technology and forensic science. The drama and suspense were spot-on and engaging. The faith thread was light, but that did not detract from the amazing quality of this story.

Lethal Secrets

Oh, be still, my heart! The fact that the author was gutsy enough to give the heroine five children in this novella made my heart melt. None of the kids got lost or felt flat in the ten-chapter story, and I liked the balance between the family drama and suspense. Fabulous!

Lethal Agenda

Derek’s story did not disappoint. Action-packed and stuffed to the gills with suspects, this tale was a blast to read. My only wish was that it would have been placed in the Blue Justice series rather than tacked on to the Tanner Hollow trilogy. Derek was the only St. John sibling to be shoved off into a different series, which made it feel strange and out of place. However, his story was five-star amazing, which I fully expected. I was happy that he had his moment to shine.

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