Characters Who… Own or Work in a Small Shop

Another month is coming, and you know what that means: A new reading challenge!

This time, we’ll be reading books that are near and dear to my heart — ones that feature folks who either own or work in small shops. These could be bookshops (my favorite type of shop!), flower shops, mom-and-pop grocery stores, etc.

As in previous months this year, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the leading character who owns/works in the small shop. It could be their best friend’s neighbor’s mother-in-law who only shows up in one tiny scene.

When you post your books, please let us know the character’s name and what type of small shop they owned or worked in.

Here are some small-shop books I’ve enjoyed relatively recently:

The Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate – Sea Shell Shop
Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman – Hardware Store
Holiday Amnesia by Lynette Eason – Small-town Gas Station

Happy reading!
What’s your favorite type of small shop to read about?
Which is your favorite to visit in person?
How do these small shops play a role in your community?


Last Call!
March’s reading challenge celebrates Artists and Musicians!

9 thoughts on “Characters Who… Own or Work in a Small Shop

  1. I know what you mean! Funny thing is, one of the books in the stack I'm currently working through already works. The Inheritance by Michael Phillips features an MC (main character) whose grandfather owned a small furniture shop. I wasn't expecting that!

  2. Hey Andrea! I ended up here via Rebekah, since I already finished her challenge and wanted to do another one. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a book for this month, but I did!! Stay Where You Are and Then Leave, by John Boyne. Mr. Janacek, the MC’s best friend’s dad, owns a candy shop!

  3. \”The Lopsided Christmas Cake\” by Wanda Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter. Twins Elma and Thelma inherited their grandparents Amish store.

  4. Kassie, I'm so glad Rebekah recommended my challenges to you. Welcome! Every month is a new challenge around here, so I hope you'll continue to join in the fun. Happy reading!

  5. I didn't read very many books that fit, but a few.1. Danny Orlis and the Drugstore Mystery –Mason owned the small drugstore.2. Yesterday's Mail (only the final story in the collection) –Kate's grandparents own a small antique shop3. Kilkenny –There were several small saloons, or shops in the town, but I can't remember who owned them all. :)4. 84, Charing Cross Road –One of the main characters works in the small bookstore that another character owns.5. Like Never Before –Coffee Coffee. Again, I can't remember the name of the owner, though I know I should. :P6. Marrying Raven –Another small coffee shop where Chrissy works.And that's it. 🙂

  6. Playing catch-up on posting lists of finished books.1. The German Girl by Armando Lucas Correa (GM) 4/3/19Hannah, worked in a small pharmacy owned by a neighbor2. The House that Love Built by Beth Wiseman 4/11/19Brooke Holloway, owned and ran a hardware store3. A Lady of Esteem by Kristi Ann Hunter 4/12/19Celia, dressmaking shop seamstress4. The Inheritance by Michael Phillips 4/17/19Coira, bakery; other islanders owned small shops too5. Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton (GM) 4/21/19William Johnson, Black Hills Art Gallery (a photography shop)6. The Inn at Hidden Run by Olivia Newport 4/23/19Nia (owner) and Meri (employee), bed-and-breakfast; another character owned an ice cream shop7. Strawberry Shortcake Murder by Joanne Fluke (GM) 4/24/19Hannah Swensen, cookie shop8. Tea with Emma by Diane Moody 4/24/19Maddie Cooper, tea room

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