Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope your family and you will create wonderful memories as you eat great food, play board games, watch movies, chat up a storm, and whatever else you might do during the holiday.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I’m always grateful for my faith and family, and I try my best to not take them for granted. Another thing I’m thankful for this year is a renewed passion for writing. I’m ever hopeful about someday having one of my books published, and I would love for that journey to start with my current work-in-progress.

It’s a special story about two mothers who discover their babies were accidentally swapped at birth… four years ago. Now that one is on the transplant waiting list, will the mother who raised him be able to convince the mother who birthed him to now save his life? Or will fear prevent healing on many levels for each of these women and their families?

(Check out this sneak peek into the book I’m currently working on.)

As grateful as I would be to see this book published, I’m just as thankful for the journey toward that moment. Every new day is a fresh opportunity to sharpen my skills at storytelling, and I am especially appreciative of that during this month, which happens to be NaNoWriMo. My heart is full with prayers of thanksgiving for this story and what it means to me, what I hope it will someday mean to you. God has granted me an incredible story to write, and I pray it will bless many hearts in the years to come.

What are you grateful for this year?
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