Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

Although I’ve looked forward to Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg for a full year, I couldn’t have imagined just how incredible it is. This book blew me away, and here’s why:

Melissa Tagg just went to a new emotional and spiritual depth with this one.

Melissa Tagg
(Used with permission from Melissa Tagg.)

She’s said (in blog articles and in the acknowledgements for LNB) that this book was the result of a difficult creative season and a rejuvenation by God in that same area of her life. It shows. The messages, themes, lessons… whatever you choose to call them… they are such a story of her heart, passion, joy, and renewed belief in the talent and job God has gifted to her. The trials and tests she faced during that arduous time period must have been tough ones, because the incredible brilliance that is God’s joy overflowing through a human heart shines so brightly on every page of this precious novel.

(Melissa, I’m sorry if this makes you cry, but I’m sure they’re happy tears. *smiles and hugs*)

Filled with the author’s trademark humor and classic movie references, Like Never Before also contains loads of heart, wise advice, and even a mystery. The family and small-town dynamics fairly burst from the lines of text, and the quirkiness of Maple Valley adds an extra character to the mix.

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A delightful read that will surely challenge its readers to dig a little (or a lot) deeper into their own ideals and beliefs, Like Never Before is a great addition to the Walker Family series. But look out! It might steal your heart along the way. (If Charlie doesn’t nab it first.*)

*If you don’t understand this pun, you haven’t yet read the book. What are you waiting for?

Thank you to the publisher for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

What’s one spiritual or emotional lesson you’ve learned from a novel?


Has a book you’ve looked forward to reading taken you by surprise? Was it a good or bad surprise?

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2 thoughts on “Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

  1. I LOVED this book–and echo all your sentiments wholeheartedly. SO neat to see what God does even after and through dry seasons.

  2. Absolutely! The lessons learned through those types of seasons seem to sink in even more than if it was an easy period of time, don't they? Thanks for stopping by!

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