A Spunky Adventure — Awakening by JoAnn Durgin

Spunky adventure.
That’s the only way I know how to sum up JoAnn Durgin’s Awakening. Her witty sense of humor shines in the banter between Sam Lewis and Lexa Clarke, two characters I know you’ll love getting to know. This book is a refreshing read that will have you believing TeamWork is a real organization . . . and you’ll want to join their next mission!
Lexa Clarke may be running from her past, but it might just catch up to her while she’s helping as a volunteer for a two-month summer mission with TeamWork. As she assists in rebuilding houses destroyed by flooding in San Antonio, trouble seems to follow her around in all shapes and sizes. Sam Lewis quickly realizes he’s got to keep his eye on Miss Lexa Clarke if he’s to keep trouble from interrupting his work as director of this TeamWork mission. Watching the petite woman with the long blonde braid proves to be a challenge worth accepting, even if it means facing his own haunting past. Will Sam and Lexa let the problems they’ve never dealt with drive a wedge between them as they discover a passion for serving the Lord in new ways? What will become of the TeamWork group when trouble turns combustible?
Sam tells Lexa in chapter two, “I’m saying He [God] allowed it to happen. He has His reasons. It’s up to us to try and figure out what He’s trying to tell us.” It’s neat to see how Sam’s and Lexa’s differing levels of faith play such huge roles in their lives during their work with TeamWork and in the other parts of their lives, as well. Each character has their own trials to face, and they depend on their faith in God in such unique ways that it really does inspire the reader to take a good look at their own faith life and reconsider where they are with God. Are we following His will for our lives? Are we making a positive difference in the world around us? Is there something more we can do to better serve the God who loves us so completely? Is there something from our past that we need to face in order to be a vessel God can use to spread His message?
JoAnn Durgin
Awakening is a book worth reading for its sense of adventure, plot twists, witty humor and a glimpse at what it means to live what you believe. It’s the first in JoAnn Durgin’s The Lewis Legacy Series. I’m eager to add to my collection, and I have a feeling you will be too, after reading this first adventure. JoAnn sure has a knack for storytelling, and her pacing is spot-on. Just when I thought everything was wrapped up, she brought back yet one more loose end . . . and another one . . . and left me wanting to read the second book in the series to find out what adventure the TeamWork crew will find themselves in on their next mission.
Thank you, JoAnn, for sending me a complimentary copy of Awakening for my honest review. I enjoyed it immensely and hope those reading this will also find a little adventure when they pick up their copy of Awakening.
When was the last time a book took YOU on an adventure? What was it about the book that transported you to a different time or place? Is adventure something you look for when reading for pleasure?

7 thoughts on “A Spunky Adventure — Awakening by JoAnn Durgin

  1. Thank you, Andrea. I love how Sam and Lexa's story made you think about your own faith journey. As much as entertaining readers, I hope they can take away something from reading my books and discover a nugget of encouragement, inspiration and spiritual truth. That's what it's all about…all for Him. Many blessings.

  2. You had me at the word \”spunky.\” 🙂 Wonderful review, Andrea! I've had the pleasure of meeting JoAnn and she is wonderfully kind and fun!I'd have to say an author I always know is going to take me on an adventure is Susan May Warren–her recent Daughters of Fortune series did exactly that!

  3. That's a whole different kind of spunky, Melissa. 🙂 Ues, Susan's a wonderful writer. If you haven't read Awakening, I hope you'll take the opportunity. Thanks for the comment and blessings. I left a comment on YOUR blog today, too. 🙂

  4. Melissa, I recently met JoAnn too, and I must agree with you. 🙂 I'm so thrilled my family got to hang out with her for an enjoyable evening.Susie May is on my list. I've read one or two of her books and fell in love with her style of writing. I'm determined to get more titles by her as soon as my budget allows.Blessings!

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