Wish You Were Here

Last spring, I bought Beth K. Vogt’s debut novel, Wish You Were Here, and discovered a spunky, fun, creative story with a fresh voice. The unusual plotline apparently gave Beth buckets of inspiration for her first dip into the world of fiction. I say this because, within the pages of this book, I found a great release for laughter and tears as I enjoyed the unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters with real-life issues, and important life messages for the reader to glean. This book was a pleasant surprise with a bit of adventure thrown into the mix.
In Wish You Were Here, Allison Denman accidentally kisses her soon-to-be brother-in-law a mere five days before her wedding to the guy’s brother. This mistake causes her to doubt her decisions and plans for the future and become a runaway bride. She struggles to confront the trauma of her past and the whirlwind of her present, all the while resisting God’s plans for her future. Will she figure out all the pieces of the puzzle of her life and give God a chance to guide her into the safety of His arms?
As you’ll see, Alli is a lady trying to do the right thing but finds herself making mistake after mistake that alter the course of her life. As the chapters go by, it seems like her mistakes pile higher and higher until they threaten to topple and bury her alive. Sorting through the mess her life has become is quite difficult, especially when faced with the choice between Seth Rayner–her fiancé who has things planned out and in control–and Daniel Rayner–Seth’s adventuresome older brother who has sent Alli ‘Wish You Were Here’ postcards for years. It’s a tough decision that gets even harder with every turn of the page. I stayed awake long into the night to cheer Alli Denman on in this unusual love triangle, and I’m guessing you will too!
I recently reread Wish You Were Here in eager anticipation of Beth K. Vogt’s second novel, entitled Catch a Falling Star. No doubt, Beth will not disappoint with the talent God has bestowed upon her. In her debut novel, she easily laced complex backstories and multiple heart-gripping themes into the plotline of her sweet tale of finding the right kind of love. I’m looking forward to seeing what literary tricks she uses in her next book, and May 2013 (when the book releases) cannot get here soon enough! For more information about Beth K. Vogt and Wish You Were Here, Catch a Falling Star, and Beth’s non-fiction titles, please visit her website at http://www.bethvogt.com.

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  1. Hi Joanne! I'm glad you stopped by. I don't think May is going to arrive soon enough… Do you think we can wait that long to read Beth's next tale?

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