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I’m Starting a Newsletter

Friends, I never thought I’d do a newsletter, but here I am, starting a newsletter.

If you sign up for my newsletter, it will arrive in your inbox on the first Tuesday of every month. It will provide you with book news, faith journey notes, and links to recent blog articles. Additionally, there may be an occasional favorite recipe, research tidbits, and random life or hobby updates.

The sign-ups are open now, in the right-hand sidebar here on the blog as well as on the Newsletter page. You’re invited to stay in the loop by signing up today.

My debut newsletter goes out on Tuesday, November 7.

Are you wondering why I’m doing something I never thought I would?

That probably makes two of us, but here’s my reasoning: I’m trying to build a writing career. It may be in its youth at the moment, but I anticipate it growing into something beautiful–at least, that’s what I’ve prayed and worked so hard for over the past twenty years. And I thought it would be wise to line up my little ducks so they’ll be all in a row when it’s time to eventually launch a full-length novel.

Creating a newsletter is a good next step toward that goal.

Just so you know, this will not change things here on the blog. I’m still fully planning on posting articles on Mondays on Writing to Inspire. My blog isn’t going anywhere, as I love blogging and have been dedicated to bringing you new material since 2012. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Thank you very much, friends, for following my journey and supporting me by following my blog, subscribing to my new newsletter, and commenting on my articles. I appreciate each of you.

What is your favorite thing about newsletters?
Do you have a newsletter?
What next step are you working on to reach your goals?

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