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My Plans for WIF Camp

Write In Faith (WIF) Camp begins in nine days.

I’m nervous and excited and cannot wait to get started. While I wait for that magical day to arrive, I’m planning out what stories I’ll work on during the month of November.

Note: These are working titles. They may be changed before publication.

Melting-Pot Thanksgiving

First and foremost is the short story I’ll be submitting to Wild Blue Wonder Press’s second anthology, Novelists in November. I’m excited about this story about a foster-mom novelist balancing motherhood, writing deadline, and a dysfunctional family–all while creating a melting-pot Thanksgiving dinner that could bring unity among the various cultures in her household. The pieces are falling together in the second draft, and I’m ready to spend more time with this diverse cast of characters.

Untitled Mailed Babies Project

A recent new story is in the research phase. That one will be my backseat project. It’s inspired by some post-office history that involved stamps, parcels, and babies. This one got me excited, and a couple of my Twitter friends have urged me on in writing this story. In November, I’m hoping to do some preliminary research and start figuring out the setting and era for the story (yes, this one will be historical).

Ocean to Ocean

This story is deeply emotional, about a widower trying to raise his two boys while managing their grief and his own after the loss of his wife. This one’s been stewing in my mind for a while, because I love this sort of story very much. Grief is a powerful thing, but finding joy in the midst of it can be incredibly healing.

Echoes of Memory

I keep circling back to this one. It features amnesia, a favorite trope of mine, as well as family and a chauffeur and tragedy. I can’t really say a lot about this one without giving things away, but I do love Loretta Wilde and Thurgood Pruitt, the leads. He’s charming and chivalrous, while she’s forgetful and sweet but angsty and frustrated and scared. It’s a good combination for a memorable romance.


There are lots of other stories I would love to be working on, but since I won’t have lots of spare time to play with them, they must wait in the wings. These include…

  1. a political thriller in the vein of The Bourne Identity and James Bond
  2. a road-trip story involving persnickety elder sisters and lots of secrets
  3. a story featuring a champion boxer with amnesia and a mission doctor who knows more than he claims

Clearly, I need a few dozen months straight of writing camps to make proper headway on all my projects. Still, I’ll push forward with what time I have and see what comes of the effort.

How about you?

What project(s) are you planning on working on next month?

Have you considered joining Write In Faith Camp to help motivate you through those writing projects weighing on your heart? You’re welcome and invited into our WIF Camp Community.

WIF Camp Registration

Next month is Write In Faith Camp Autumn 2023. Registration is October 16-27, 2023. I hope you’ll join me for some writing fun!

At WIF Camp, each writer sets their own goal. They are supported by the WIF Camp community as they strive to reach new heights in their writing journey.

Will you help us grow our community by joining camp and/or sharing about camp with at least three different people? Word of mouth is still the best way to share about things we love. Hopefully WIF Camp is in that category–or soon will be–for you or someone you know.

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2 thoughts on “My Plans for WIF Camp

  1. I think I’ve read about the mailed babies before! Wasn’t that in the…30s? 40s?

    I’m still going to be working a little on the projects I’ve been working on in another writing event, but that event ends on the 15th. Otherwise, for WIF, I’m also going to be working on a story to submit to WBW that’s connected to the Woodsmanverse series and a Regency-ish story that’s connected to the Centuryverse series!

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