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Favorite Book Quotes 2022

A few years back, I posted an article about my favorite book quotes for the year. During 2022, I tried to remember to make note of favorite lines with such an article in mind. I know there were more that I forgot to jot down, because I’m still dealing with some memory issues. But here are some of the book quotes I enjoyed last year.

Things We Didn’t Say by Amy Lynn Green

“Sometimes showing grace breaks us before it heals us. Forgiveness can feel like a betrayal of justice. We want others to deserve grace, or at least ask for it, even knowing full well that the greatest grace was extended to us ‘when we were enemies.’”

“Real life is dreadfully tedious, the way it interrupts reading.”

Eternal Passage by Elaine Schulte

“There is no true American but will observe order under the preaching of God’s word anywhere and maintain it if need be.”

“We must ask for God’s wisdom and blessing. George Washington said it best, that it would be impossible to govern this nation without God and the Ten Commandments. It is from those roots that our federal constitution grew, and it is from those roots that we must base our state constitution as well. If we stray from those roots, democracy will soon be brought down.”

I’ll Be Seeing You by Robin Lee Hatcher

“The majority of Americans attended church on Sundays when I was a girl. The majority were church members. I would venture to say that even those who never went to church had some basic understanding of what it meant to be a Christian. Most would have known that America itself and our system of laws were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.”

“Across the nation, it was a day to pray for the mercy of God.”

“We were galvanized as a nation.”

The Lost Melody by Joanna Davidson Politano

“An odd thing happened when one carried a giant weight of troubles all her life—she built up a great deal of strength.”

“There exists in most of us a small, hidden fear that we are secretly mad and on the verge of being found out.”

“Who’s to say any of us deserves anything? I got a full belly and dry bed. A man can’t ask for much more.”

“No matter what they said, or made me write, I was still myself and they were wrong about who that was.”

“What God has set ablaze, no man can extinguish.”

“Sleep is rarely a friend of artists and creative types. Our minds continue to whirl and discuss and untangle long after our bodies have told us it’s time to sleep.”

“So many people despise the boring days, the uneventful seasons. They must not have experienced difficulty and so cannot properly value normalcy.”

Vivienne: Is it so wrong to have a life brimming with music?
Turner: Most people don’t go about hearing music that isn’t there. It’s as simple as that.
Vivienne: Most aren’t listening.

“All I insist on, and nothing else, is that you should show the whole world that you are not afraid. Be silent, if you choose; but when it is necessary, speak—and speak in such a way that people will remember it.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~

I’ll Be Seeing You by Melody Carlson

“Family is important. Even if I don’t always agree with my family, I still love them. I may not do what they want, but I care about what they think.”

“It seems to me that if we give in to our grief … if we let this loss steal all the joy out of life … well, it’s like letting the enemy win.”

“Yes, doing dishes—the working girl’s manicure.”

A Taste for Poison by Neil Bradbury

“… a chemical is not intrinsically good or bad, it’s just a chemical.”

“The death of an otherwise healthy forty-one-year-old is not normal.”

“Such toxins are inherently neither good nor evil; it is the purpose to which they are put that makes them poisons.”

Napoleon Bonaparte: “You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world, than even we generals.”

What were some of your favorite book quotes from last year?


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