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Writing Progress June 2022

The results of the poll last week are in: Writing Progress articles was the most popular option. This will be the first article in the series, but stay on the watch for additional ones.

100 for 100, hosted by Go Teen Writers

This challenge is going fairly well for me so far. I began with five projects, but by day 11, I had whittled that down to three that I was getting at least the minimum of 100 words written every day. So I’ve decided to focus on those three projects but add in some words on the other two on days where I end up having extra time.

I’m already over 11,000 words into the challenge, and it’s only day 15. It hasn’t felt like I’ve written that many words, and it hasn’t been easy. The neat thing is that this past week saw my passion for writing start to trickle back into play. It had been pretty dormant since I had Wuhan Virus (WuVi) back in winter 2021. The post-symptoms of long-haul WuVi have messed with my memory and focus (among other things), so finding consistent passion for trusted old-friend things such as writing and reading has been super hard to grasp in the last 16 months. I’m glad God is using this challenge and all the things I’ve learned that help (such as good sleep, supplements to help my immune system and memory, and fighting back against the symptoms in every way I know how) to bring me back to a good, positive place in my writing journey.

Write In Faith Camp

Next month, I’ll be hosting and participating in Write In Faith Camp (WIF Camp) over on the Slack app. There’s still time to register, so if you know any Christian writers who would like to come get a WIF of writing, feel free to share all about it with them. All the information they need, as well as the registration form, is found on the Write In Faith Camp page of this website. Registration is open through June 24, 2022. #WIFCamp

I’ve decided that my writing goal for WIF Camp will be 15,000 words. That’s a low camp-month goal for me, but I’ve been struggling with consistency and word count totals lately, so it feels more important to work on those things this time around than trying to break my own record (which is 95,000 words in a single month, though a lot of that was editing, which piles up a ton faster than just plain writing does for me).

One of my main goals in camp this July will be to find a good, solid rhythm with my writing again. I’m starting to crave writing again, which is my writing happy place. Hopefully that will continue and gain strength as the summer progresses.

Projects Galore

The good news is I have a ton of projects to choose from, so if one dries up on me, I have plenty to take its place. Here’s just a glimpse of what all I’ve got going on right now.

The three projects I’ve landed on for 100 for 100 are…

A superhero origins story about a young woman with special talents who must find courage to face the villains who want to steal her child.

Missing Persons: Liesl
A road trip adventure featuring a pair of orphaned sisters searching for a place to belong in the world… but certain aspects of their journey may venture beyond the bounds of legality.

A Secret Project
This project, which I’m cowriting with a friend, is tightly under wraps at the moment, so I cannot share a snippet here or the working title. Sorry! One thing I can say is that it’s mostly set in Scotland, with a few scenes in the United States as well.

The other two projects that are now serving as back-ups are…

Diary of a Tattered Soul
Book one in a circus series, this story features a tattooed man with a past and a soiled dove with no future.

The Recruit
Book one in an origins trilogy, this book features the story of how a character in one of my thriller-genre series broke free from his hometown only to become a government assassin.

Other projects I’m not giving up on and likely will dabble with at some point this summer are…

Secrets of the Steele Sisters
A set of elderly sisters on a road trip across America enjoy mishaps and adventures — and plenty of unwanted company — but their secrets cause chaos and heartache along the way.

Echoes of Memory
Her mind was a black hole; his was a kaleidoscope. Somewhere in the middle lay echoes of memory.

Child of My Heart
A woman fights to save her son’s life, even if it means upsetting the life of another woman who might hold the key to everything.

Living Legend
A fifteen-time World Champion boxer loses her memory in the rain forests of Gabon and must recover it before the doctor with ulterior motives entraps her in his mission work.

Pandemic Romance
I cannot currently remember the working title I had for this one. Anyway, it’s about an opera singer with an autoimmune disease who must learn to trust a doctor of virology while a pandemic sweeps over New York City, bringing unwanted changes and dangerous risks into both of their lives.

Love in a Freefall
A newly-paraplegic woman fights depression and her husband’s optimistic support as her former adrenaline-junky life becomes trapped by the confines of her mind as much as the wheelchair she’s bound to.

As you can see, I have a million stories I’d love to finish up and get into your hands. Trust me, I’m working hard at it. I have a writing buddy who is going to help me learn how to format a book for paperback and ebook this autumn. That’s a huge step in the right direction for me.

See, I want to publish my own books, while at the same time launching my own publishing company. That’s quite an overwhelming venture for me at the moment, so I’m taking it slow and learning one thing at a time while still honing my craft and finishing drafts. The company will begin with publishing my own books, but I would love to expand that someday to also include books written by other authors. Dreams are amazing, y’all. Watching God fulfill those dreams (or turn them into something even more brilliant than I could ever imagine) is even more spectacular.

In the meantime, I would love prayers for writing passion and the ability to learn the trillions of details publishing requires. Above all, that the Lord’s will be done. Thank you, friends!

Which of the above stories are you most intrigued by?

I’m taking notes. Your answers might just influence which story(ies) I focus on next.
Just drop a comment down below to let YOUR voice be heard.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Progress June 2022

  1. Echoes of Memory and Secrets of the Steele Sisters are the ones I’ve heard the most about, I think, so I’m most excited for those. But there are so many intriguing ideas here! Which one is your current favorite of the fantasy ones?

    1. Those are such great ones! Thanks for chiming in, Mary! It’s always fun to hear which of my stories you’re excited to get your hands on.

      Whitefeather is the only fantasy one, really. The others are all real-world settings with no magical powers. My trouble is that I love all of the stories. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I am quite partial to Living Legend, as I’ve been working on it the longest, since at least as far back as 2012. Also, it combines several of my passions and favorite tropes: mission work, sports, amnesia, estranged families, loyalty, faith, and chosen families.

    1. Welcome! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Katja. I adored those Steele Sisters and their… friends? enemies? … traveling companions.

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