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Cover Reveal: Kees and Colliers Series by Kellyn Roth

One of my editing clients is giving a fresh look to one of her older series. As much as I adore the old covers (which you’ll get a look at in a sec), I’m excited that the Kees & Colliers series by Kellyn Roth is getting new and equally awesome covers for their next edition. I can hardly wait to catch up on this series and reread my favorite stories in the bunch. I’m sure they’ve gotten a few tweaks along the way, so it will be like a whole new discovery.

The Old Covers

Just tell me these covers aren’t the sweetest things…

I think the only story I haven’t gotten around to reading is actually the first one, Souls Astray. Not sure how that happened. The other books were precious, and I’m excited to soon get to reread them.

The Blurbs

Here are what the stories are about… and, trust me. You are going to want to have a full box of tissues handy when you dig in to this series.

#1 Souls Astray

Adele has been lost for a long time now…

Adele Collier has sought a carefree lifestyle ever since her tragic childhood. Determined to never allow anyone or anything to control her life or emotions again, she consistently seeks distraction in gaiety. But shaking her ghosts isn’t as easy as she’d like.

Troy Kee has been alone in the world since the Great War took his parents and left him in charge of his younger sister. When she marries, he’s left to seek after his goal of a healthy, complete family. But how can he focus on his dream when trouble plagues his family vineyard?

When Adele and Troy meet, a whirlwind romance begins—but can two lost souls have a healthy relationship?

#1.5 Goldfish Secrets

Judy only has one friend: her goldfish, Marlie.

With Marlie gone, who can Judy rely on?

#2 The Lady of the Vineyard

Is it too late for Adele to return to her daughter’s life?

When her ex-husband reappears in her life determined to spend more time with their child, Adele Collier allows him to take Judy to France for the summer. As the summer goes by, an internal battle rages in Adele’s heart. Can she give up her glamorous lifestyle to win her daughter’s heart?

Six-year-old Judy is more than happy to trade Adele’s neglect for her father’s adoring care. She loves his vineyard and wishes she could stay there forever, but someday she must return to England. Can Judy trust her mother again?

#3 Flowers in Her Heart

Her entire world is changing—and there’s not much left to hold on to…

When her husband goes off to war, Adele feels lost and confused. In a new, less-than-ideal place in a frightening, less-than-ideal time, she flees to the garden with her daughters, determined to make their new house a home, even if it is from the outside in.

Battered by her own inner turmoil and scoffed at by those close to her, Adele seeks to make something beautiful amidst chaos. But can even the most beautiful flowers cover the years of scars?

The New Covers

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

They have a completely different vibe than the originals, yet they still completely encapsulate the heart of the Kees & Colliers series.

These beautiful editions come out on April 5 (Souls Astray), April 19 (The Lady of the Vineyard), and April 26 (Flowers in Her Heart). Goldfish Secrets is already available (it is ebook only, while the other three will also have paperbacks available).

Before you freak out about From Now ‘Til Forever not being included…

The Missing Book

… isn’t actually missing.

Here’s a note of explanation from the author herself:

I didn’t forget about From Now ’Til Forever! This novelette, which takes place after the second World War, wasn’t something I could abandon completely—but nor did I want to publish another short attached to the series. I wanted a solid trilogy.

“For that reason, the novelette, previously book 5, is now included as part of Flowers in Her Heart with some bonus chapters breaching the divide.

~ Kellyn Roth

Isn’t that sweet?! We now will have a completed set with only one short story included, but we’re not losing a single story in the switch. In fact, we’re gaining some extra chapters! I’m all for that nice surprise!

Extra Graphics

These were too much fun not to share them, so they’re getting a section all their own. Enjoy!

More Information

To keep informed about the latest information on Kellyn Roth’s writing, make sure you bookmark her website to visit often.

There is also a series page for the Kees & Colliers series. The new covers will be added over there very soon, and the Amazon links will be updated once the new editions release in April 2022.


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