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Random Updates and an Invitation

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but there’s a really good reason why I am today. Keep reading to learn more.


I reached my goal at WIF Camp November 2021.

The debut Write In Faith Camp (WIF Camp) went better than I expected. Over thirty Christian writers came together to write stories. But we did much more than that. We had a blast writing and/or editing our stories, encouraged each other, and enjoyed fellowship with sisters and a brother in Christ. It was my joy to host such an incredible group of people, and the time flew by much faster than any of us wanted. I can hardly wait until the next camp.

2022 Goal: Reach 50 people at a single camp.
(Reaching this goal will take your help. If you have any friends who like to write, would you share with them the link to the official Write In Faith Camp webpage? Thank you, dear friend.)


November was a really busy writing month for me, but it was a weird one too. I was still dealing heavily with post-WuVi memory issues and severe lack of focus then—those aspects are much better but still slight issues right now—so there was definitely a huge mental and emotional battle going on each time I sat down to fight for the day’s word count. While I had to lower my goal once, I was able to squeak past 50,000 words for the month, and that felt like a humongous triumph.

2022 Goal: Write a complete draft of a new, secret project.
2022 Goal: Finish the first draft of Echoes of Memory.
(The first goal is my main one; the second is fluid. I will also likely work on a few others as inspiration strikes.)


As you might have noticed, I ended up taking about a three-month break from blogging. The reasons are the same as I mentioned above. I am praying this article is only the first of many this year, and my plans are to get back to a solid blogging schedule of at least one article per week. With some upcoming book review deadlines, there will likely be an extra article popping into your inbox (if you subscribe to my blog, that is) in the coming weeks. If you’re not a subscriber, please check back here soon for my thoughts on some new releases in the Christian fiction market.

2022 Goal: Rediscover consistency for blogging.


Last year, I had the pleasure of editing some really great books. This is a shout-out to my clients. Thank you so much for blessing me with an early look at your beautiful stories. Most of these books are already released now, but one or two might be “coming soon.”

2022 Goal: Meet or beat all my deadlines.
(I am grateful to already have a few jobs lined up. I could use a few more, especially in early summer and early autumn, but I am leaving the details up to God, as He knows best and provides well for me.)


We’re entering the second month of the second semester of the school year now, and I have been blessed to be able to work with some really good kids so far. One of them has now pulled out, because she’s caught up from a tough previous year and learned so much information that she’s now able to cruise on her own. I’m so happy for her! The others are all working hard too, and it’s always a joy for me to help them learn new concepts and make great strides toward their educational goals. I’m looking forward to putting in the work to continue helping “my kids” throughout the remainder of the school year.

2022 Goal: Tutor with joy.
(This is something I’ve already been working on over the past few years, but I want to keep it rolling.)


The year of 2021 saw me struggle through some pretty large post-WuVi symptoms, including severe lack of focus that affected my reading multiple times throughout the year. Funny thing was, though, that my total number of books read kept rising in spurts. Would you believe that I read 203 books last year? That number still blows me away, knowing all the struggles I faced during 2021. Seeing that number of read books—and knowing that I finally beat a close friend who usually leaves me in her dust (my win was only by one or two books, but I’m totally taking it)—was such an incredible blessing for me after I fought so hard through the various weird things that cropped up last year.

2022 Goal: Read 180 books.
(I would love to hit 200 again, but writing is a larger focus for me this year.)


The next WIF Camp will be a Pint-Size edition, and you’re invited to participate! The camp will be for two weeks in February (dates below). If you have a writing project you’re working on—whether it’s brainstorming, writing, editing, or marketing prep—this might be a good match for you. As I mentioned earlier, there’s usually good fellowship along the journey, and it’s fun getting to know everyone who jumps in to accomplish their goals.

Registration starts today. Are you ready to make plans for writing next month?

WIF Pint-Size Camp Winter 2022
Registration: Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2022
Pint-Size Camp: Feb 7-19, 2022

Visit the official webpage for the registration form. And, remember: Share it with your writing buddies. I hope to see you in camp!


What are your goals for 2022?

Do you have goals in various areas of your life this year?

What books are you looking forward to reading?


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