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Dinner Guests {short story}

The table was set for seven, but not a single person had arrived. The round twinkle lights still glowed, but they illuminated only dried-up hopes and empty chairs. The hostess had retreated to the deck, and she’d likely leave the mess until tomorrow. She’d worked so hard to pull this dinner together.

Yet no one came.

Perhaps it wasn’t their fault. Maybe something truly had come up. An emergency, perchance? Something dire that would give solid footing for their excuses?

Or maybe they were just all running late.

Singing wafted to her through the open door. From inside the house came footsteps and joy, followed by all six guests, the last of whom hobbled out on crutches.

“Sorry, Sis.” He leaned over and kissed her damp cheek. “We decided to carpool, but we ran into a bit of a snag. We’ll make up for it by cleaning up after the party ends — but you call the shots on when that is. Who brought the music?” He found a seat and settled his crutches against the table.

She laughed and hustled over to pour sweet tea for everyone. Soon they were swapping stories and laughing up a storm and gobbling up the summertime feast she’d prepared.

What had begun as tragedy ended in humor, and her heart couldn’t have appreciated that more.


Thank You, Yahweh, for the blessing of family and friends. They are such sweet gifts from You.


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  1. Andrea,
    “Dinner Guests” is a great reminder to be patient and appreciate the good things in life. Thanks for the enjoyable story!

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