Spring Cleaning + Camp Prep {a personal invitation}

It may not yet be spring, and I may not typically do spring cleaning, but this year feels like I am. In February, my water pipes froze and then burst in the sub-zero temperatures north Texas experienced. I ended up having to use a ton of blankets, comforters, and towels to sop up the water that spilled into my house before my dad got the water turned off. Since I didn’t have working water for almost two weeks, I fell behind on washing dishes and other water-related chores.

Now that my pipes have been fixed (thanks, Daddy!), my spring cleaning this year is catching up on laundry and washing dishes.
There’s a bit more cleaning going on around here, and some reorganizing too, but the water-based chores are definitely top priorities this season.

In other news, I’m also getting prepared for writing camp. The next session of King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp (KDWC) — a writing camp for Christian ladies — takes place in April. This month I’m outlining, doing a bit of preliminary research, and dipping my toes into several different stories I’ve got in the works. Since I’m dealing with post-Wuhan Virus short-term memory loss, my creativity is struggling more than I’d like. So I’m trying to figure out how to beat that even as memory issues plague me at the moment. The good news is that I’ve found pockets of inspiration in the last week or so. The writing sessions of 150; 300; and 500 words (averages) have added up to over 5,000 words already this month. I’m shocked by that number, because it’s felt like such a huge fight to get each sentence onto the page. While that number is super low for my normal monthly pace, it’s a huge milestone for me with my current memory situation.

I’m celebrating with ice cream tonight, because fighting my way to this milestone has felt like climbing Mount Everest.
Would you like to join me in writing camp next month?
Yep, that’s right! If you’re a Christian lady who loves to write and wants to find a great writing community that’s supportive and enthusiastic, this is your personal invitation to join me in KDWC’s next session in April. (Sorry, gentlemen, but it’s a ladies-only event.) Sign-ups will open later this month, but you may go ahead and learn more at the official camp website.
When the sign-ups open up, if you’d like to be assigned to my virtual tent, request Port of Joy and Auntie Andrea. I would love to have you join me in Port of Joy, but even if we only hang out in the camp’s common areas rather than become tentmates, that’s perfectly okay. The main point is to come together to write the stories God has pressed into our hearts.
See you there!
UPDATE: Sign-ups are now open!
What does spring cleaning look like for you this year?
Which writing camp do you like best?
What are you doing now to prepare for April?
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