Trust is a Choice


It’s not always easy. Being human, we very often like to have “control” of our lives. Funny thing is that it’s only a façade. True control of circumstances is not ours to have. But something we can control is our perspective during anything we face.

Will we be afraid and angry and aggressive and violent?

Will we choose kindness, encouragement, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and faith?

Will we choose to trust God even when life falls apart around us?

Trust is a choice.

It’s the choice that’s being pressed upon my heart this week, because the world is crazy and it’s driving me nuts, but there is Peace in this storm, and His name is Jesus.

So I’m placing my trust in Jesus. No looking back. No more being afraid of COVID-19 or riots or chaos. Simply…



Here are a couple of different versions of my favorite hymn about trust.

“Trust and Obey”



My verse for the next couple of weeks is Romans 15:13.

While I’m studying that one, I’ll be searching for my next one. I’m thinking my verses are about to take a shift to better feature trust. It’s what’s on my heart right now, so it’s going to be a large focus for me over the coming weeks.

What’s pressing on your heart these days?

What perspective are you choosing today?

What verse are you memorizing this time around?

Happy studying!

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