Hope for the Rough Days {Focus on Jesus}

Welcome back to the Focus on Jesus Scripture Memory 2020 event.

How did your first couple of verses come along? Can you spit them out at the drop of a hat? Pause and practice right now.

Yes, this is a pop quiz. 😉

I was late starting my second verse, but it didn’t take long to get it memorized. I’m still practicing several times a day, and that’s helping the words really sink into my heart.

Many of you may be wondering how this whole thing got started.

Back in 2015, a friend invited me to join her in doing Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT), which culminated in a complimentary weekend conference. That year was one of blessing through hardship for me, and I leaned heavily on my Scripture memory work and Jesus during the hardest days (namely, the week I was laid up with back trouble and all I could focus on was praying through my verses and worshiping Jesus by remembering specific ways in which He’d helped me in the past).

Jesus was wonderful at seeing me through that hard time, so when this coronavirus pandemic broke out and I was struggling with how to mentally deal with the sudden and abrupt changes to my life and the lives of everyone in the entire world (because who knew this thing would effect so many?!), I wondered:

What should my focus be on right now?
The answer was easy and immediate:
Jesus Christ.


How better to focus on Him than to study His Word and memorize His Scripture?

I’ve got to say, this study has already been a huge blessing to me. This past weekend was a bit of a rough one, and praying my verses helped return a positive attitude to my mind when I was in the middle of a crying jag. I’m so grateful for the hope in God’s Word, and keeping the verses close to my heart at all times really serves to lift up my spirits when I’m struggling. It helps pull my focus away from what I’m going through and plant it firmly back on Jesus.


How have the past few weeks of memorizing Scripture been a blessing to you?
Have you noticed a change in your attitude or perspective?
What’s your third verse going to be?
Mine will be Romans 4:8.
Happy studying!

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