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The best part about a challenge like the Focus on Jesus Scripture Memory 2020 event is that it gets us digging deeper into the Word of God. Our personal devotion time is where we will discover our newest verse to study, and this quiet time with God will uplift our hearts and renew our joy. We will discover peace and comfort in the pages of our Bibles as we listen for God’s direction for our daily lives.

The Focus on Jesus challenge also brings back memories of studying for spelling tests back in grade school.

Do you remember writing your spelling words ten times each day leading up to the big test? Or maybe you were one who was quizzed audibly by siblings or a parent. Perhaps you did a combination of things to learn the trickiest of words.

The repetition and focus of that study time are what helped your young mind to learn the words so that on the day of the spelling test, the correct spelling would come back to you so you could score a decent grade.

The same study techniques apply well to Scripture memory work. Writing your verse down in a notebook several times a day is a great way to practice the correct order of the words. Repeating the verse aloud can help train your ears and mind to \”hear\” the verse in your head as you\’re trying to recall it when you look away from your notes.

Another thing I like to do with my verses is to create flashcards that I can study like I did back when I was learning multiplication facts. The verse text goes on one side, and the Scripture reference goes on the other. I like to first study them by having the reference side up and then go through again with the verse side up. This helps me log the verses into my memory bank more efficiently and to make sure I\’m not skimming over the reference when I repeat the verse as I practice.

What are some ways that you study your memory verses?
Do you do something different than the above examples?
Focus on Jesus
Verse #2

It is now time to choose our second verse to study for the next couple of weeks. Remember to refresh on your first verse along the way so that you don’t lose that one.

My second verse is Romans 4:7, which says, “How joyful are those whose lawless acts are forgiven and whose sins are covered!”

This verse serves as a reminder to me that I may be filled with joy because God has forgiven my sins through the grace of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate His resurrection this month, it’s important that we remember why Jesus died and rose again: to conquer death and reunite us with God the Father. If we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, then ask forgiveness for and repent from (turn away from) our sins, He covers us with His grace. He forgives those sins. He gives us a fresh start in Him.

This verse in Romans reminds me of the beauty of that process.

What will your second verse be?

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