ReMo Wrap-Up {Giveaway Winners}

Last month was the second annual Read More “ReMo” Challenge, hosted by a few friends and myself over on Goodreads.

If you want alerts as to when the next ReMo Challenge will be, head on over to this Goodreads page to join the group. Be sure to turn on notifications for the group, so you’ll be alerted to updates right when they happen. Then you’ll be in the know!

ReMo By the Numbers

18 – The number of participants.

Two of these were ladies from Canada. Yes, international friends are welcome to participate each year, though the prizes might not be able to be mailed internationally. Each year’s prize packs will have their own set of rules.

3 – The number of prize pack winners.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner – Beth – and our second and third prize winners – Mikayla and Selah. Their prize packs included books, and these will be mailed out as soon as I have all the books in hand. My pick-up plans got delayed, but thankfully, all the winners understand this and are exhibiting great patience.

221 – The total number of books read.

Y’all, this number blows me away! We read a TON of books in a single month. Congratulations to us all! This averages out to be over twelve books per participant. Our top-three busiest readers were Esther (33 books), Hannah (30 books), and Abigail Harris (28 books). When I was tallying up everyone’s totals for the month, I was so impressed by all the books we managed to squeeze into only twenty-nine days. So proud of us!

Quick Q & A

Will there be a third annual ReMo Challenge?

Yes. The details are yet to be known, but we will be hosting a third annual ReMo. Look for alerts in the Goodreads group near the end of this calendar year, because the new ReMo Challenge will likely be in early 2021.

Which month will the next ReMo be in?

That’s yet to be known. Last year’s ReMo (2019) was in January, and this year’s (2020) was in February. I’d love to hear from participants of both years: Which did you prefer, January or February, for this challenge? (This will help us hostesses decide which month to plan for next year.)

Will there be prize packs in next year’s ReMo Challenge?

Most likely. It’s yet to be known which books will be included, but we love sharing our love for books by planning some giveaway prize packs. Deciding factors will include (but are not limited to) availability of funds to mail out prize packs as well as books donated by hostesses and/or authors willing to participate in this challenge. These things vary from year to year, as you can imagine.

Please stay tuned near the end of 2020 for more details about next year’s ReMo Challenge. We’d love to have you join in! All your reading friends are invited too!

9 thoughts on “ReMo Wrap-Up {Giveaway Winners}

  1. I'd love to do ReMo again next year! It's a great challenge and motivates me to read even more books. I love that it's in the early part of the year because I get a good start on my Goodreads challenge.As for which month, I really don't care. January is longer and I'm not usually as busy, but it also comes after a really busy month. February is shorter, but I had already gotten a lot done in January and felt ready to dive into a reading challenge.I might be interested in donating a book to the prize for next year. :)Thanks for hosting ReMo!

  2. That was a lot of books!! I have so enjoyed doing both years of ReMo, and look foreward to a third! I liked it way more in February. Even though it meant less time to read, it's a calmer time of year. Of course this might change, but if if you need prizes for next year, I would be willing to contribute to help.

  3. Rebekah, thank you for your feedback. I'll be in touch with you about that donation as time gets closer to next year's ReMo. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

  4. Mikayla, congrats again on being one of this year's winners. Thank you for your willingness to help out with prizes next year. I'll be in touch with you about that. Your generosity is appreciated.

  5. Really loved Remo both last year and this year! I look forward to next year's Remo. To be honest, both January and February were fine with me. Perhaps we could make it interesting and do it in March? Maybe move down a month every year?

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