Characters Who… Have Children

November always reminds me of family.

The whole holiday time of the year does, really. Between buying and wrapping Christmas presents and planning for what I’ll make for Thanksgiving, my family members are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. While I think I’m nearly done with Christmas shopping already, I’m nowhere near ready to bake yet. I know I’m making my practically famous (non-alcoholic) eggnog and always-requested sweet potato casserole. I just haven’t figured out what my other one or two dishes will be. I like to try new recipes some years, while others are better for tried-and-true things. It’s a little hard to tell yet which type of year this is.

If you have any simple holiday recipes, please feel free to share in the comments section.

The reading challenge for November will be in the tradition of family. Any book in which a character has children will count. It can be a children’s book or a grown-up book, nonfiction or make-believe. The person who has the children could be a daddy or a mommy. It could be a grandparent raising their grandchildren. It could be a foster parent or surrogate parent.

This should be a fairly easy challenge, because parents are featured in a wide variety of books. I wanted to make this one simple because I know how jam-packed busy November usually is for people, myself included.

I can hardly wait to see what books y’all come up with!

By the way, if you’re wondering why this article is a couple of days late… I had a mishap with my laptop. See, I rounded the corner a bit too fast. My foot got tangled in the cord, and my computer took a nosedive from the table to the floor, wrecking one of the two hinges. So, I did some research on my still working but slightly cockeyed computer and figured out which one I needed as a replacement… and bought a new laptop. So the free moments in the last couple of days have been spent setting up the new computer and making sure all my files were transferred over. Many apologies for the delay!

4 thoughts on “Characters Who… Have Children

  1. And I'm finally getting around to sharing my list. You might want something to much on or drink because this is long. (But I'm guessing December's list will be longer.)1. Christmas Day in the Morning – Pearl S. Buck2. A Doctor's Promise – Laura Scott3. Nerves of Steel – Tammie Jo Shults4. Happiness Below – Erika Mathews5. Meet Josefina – Valerie Tripp6. Josefina Learns a Lesson – Valerie Tripp7. Josefina Saves the Day – Valerie Tripp8. Happy Birthday, Josefina – Valerie Tripp9. Josefina's Surprise – Valerie Tripp10. Changes for Josefina – Valerie Tripp11. War Memorial – Elisabeth Grace Foley12. Dog Driven – Terry Lynn Johnson13. For My Good – Sarah Holman14. Finding Christmas Joy – Amanda Tero15. The True Gift – Patricia MacLachlan16. A Thanksgiving Story – Jeff Barth17. The Christmas Postcards – Julie Carobini18. Christmas Diamond – Hallee Bridgeman19. Treasury of Christmas Stories – Ann McGovern20. 18 Days of Christmas – Audrey Bodine21. Molly and Anna – Sarah HolmanAnd there you go. I read part of another book, but didn't finish it until yesterday, so I won't count that.

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