A Classic Experience

Recently, I’ve been reading this book:

After finishing each story within it, I have paused my reading long enough to enjoy a movie version of the tale I just completed. This has been delightful thus far, as each movie has enriched my experience with these delightful characters Miss Austen created. I only have Persuasion left to watch, as I just finished reading that one yesterday afternoon, and I’m quite looking forward to it.

Three of the movies I own a copy of and enjoy immensely, their being some of my favorite romances. This version of Emma, though, I had borrowed from the library. Turns out, it’s a mini-series so was quite lengthy to watch. I much prefer the Gwyneth Paltrow version, but this one was also a joy to whisk away a few hours with.

Combining books and movies like this is a fun way to cherish my favorite stories afresh.

How do you keep your reading and watching experiences fresh?

With which stories have you read the book and then watched a movie or mini-series version?

Do you have any designs on trying it with some soon?

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