Characters Who Are… Food Industry Professionals

Hello, friends! It’s time for another reading challenge.

This one was requested by Rebekah Morris, one of my writing buddies and a frequent participant of Writing to Inspire‘s reading challenges. Thanks for the idea, Rebekah!



For July, we’ll be reading books that feature characters who are food industry professionals. This includes bakers, chefs, restaurant owners/managers, etc. It does NOT include parents baking/cooking for their children, spouses baking/cooking for their significant others, etc. They have to be earning money for their talents in the food industry.

The character can be a lead or supporting cast member. Just let us know what type of food industry professional the person is.

Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed:

Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke
(general market but pretty clean)

A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Reay
(I adored this one; I’m a huge fan, though I don’t like the alcohol used within her stories – personal preference)

Lizzy & Jane by Katherine Reay
(I’ve read this one twice; made me cry both times)

What books do you enjoy that fit our category for July?
Which ones are you reading this month?


Happy Independence Day!
Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Characters Who Are… Food Industry Professionals

  1. Oooh, you did it! This should be interesting. Someone who works as a cook for a family but is getting paid for her work, counts, right?

  2. Yes, ma'am. That would be considered a personal chef, and that totally counts. :)I'm with you: should be really interesting. Have fun with it!

  3. Okay, this was fun. And kind of funny. I kept finding personal chefs in old books that I hadn't thought of before, and I'd say, \”Oh, I have another paid cook!\” My sister thought I was strange. :)And here's my list. 1. My Davy by Janet Lambert (Minna was the family's cook)2. The Telegraph Boy by Augusta Stevenson (Family cook, but can't recall her name)3. Wish Upon a Shell by Kay Correll (Pastry shop owner and baker, and her assistant cook. A restaurant owner and cook. Another guy who owned a restaurant, but I don't know if he did any cooking, and a cook who worked in an inn. So that's 4 for sure and 1 maybe.)4. Wise and Otherwise by Isabella Alden (Dell goes to work as a personal cook, and Jane is Abbie's personal cook.)5. No Greater Love by Gina Holder (Jenn owned and baked for her coffee shop.)6. The Forgotten Christmas Dinner by Grace S. Richmond (Hannah was Mr. Stephen Kingsley's personal cook.)I guess that's 10, possibly 11, \”paid cooks\” I came across this month.Now I'm off for a month of travel. 😀 Can't wait to see where I go!

  4. 1. Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (GM) 7/7/19Serge – Russian personal chef2. Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham 7/21/19Margaret – b&b owner who cooked meals for her residents and townspeople who chose to eat in her establishment

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