Reader Input: Favorite Challenge?

It’s that time of year when we think back on the year we’re wrapping up. Here at Writing to Inspire, that also means thinking about reading challenges.


This is YOUR CHANCE to give me some VALUABLE INPUT.


What was your favorite reading challenge this year?

Here’s what we tackled during 2018:

January – TBR Extravaganza (to-be-read piles)

February – All About Love (romantic, brotherly, godly, etc. types of love)

March – Movie Madness (read the book, watch the movie)

April – Young Adult Challenge (YA books)

May – Support Our Troops (military and first responders featured)

June – Nothin’ Beats a Classic (books older than 50 years)

July – A Trip into Yesteryear (historical fiction)

August – Around the World (setting or author was international)

September – Back to School (biographies, memoirs, and nonfiction)

October – Keep the Lights On (suspense, thrillers, and mysteries)

November – Family Ties (main character’s family played an integral role)

December – It’s a Christmastime Reading Challenge! (any book with at least one Christmas scene)

I would love your feedback on which challenges you loved and which you’d rather not do again. Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.

December’s reading challenge features Christmastime.

8 thoughts on “Reader Input: Favorite Challenge?

  1. Andrea,I didn't necessarily have a favorite nor one I didn't like. I enjoyed the great variety of challenges throughout the year! I'm looking forward to next year's challenges. Thanks, Andrea!

  2. I think my least favorites were March (Movie Madness–because I don't watch that kind of movie much) and June (Nothin' Beats a Classic–simply because I grew up on classics and it was more of a challenge to find ones I hadn't read.)But I really enjoyed this reading challenge! I'm blaming you for my reading 100 books more than my original goal. 😉 But I certainly read books I wouldn't have picked up otherwise, I tried new authors, and I could hardly wait for the next month to see what the new category was. So, thank you!!!!

  3. I will happily take the blame for the quantity of your reading. Haha!Thank you for your feedback, Rebekah. You'll be happy to know that 2019 will not be featuring a book/movie combination. Stay tuned to Writing to Inspire for more details on upcoming challenges. I've got some great ones planned for you!

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