Five Things to Do When You’re Stumped on Article Ideas


Here are five things to do when you can’t think of what to write for your next blog article.

  1. Cruise Twitter or Facebook or any other social media site.

Most posts are simple tidbits into random people’s lives or self-promotions about the latest books, movies, products, etc., but they can make you smile or inspire you to find words of your own. I like cruising Pinterest on occasion, and every now and then I find a new type of dessert or crock pot dish to try. Once I taste the results, if it turns out delicious, it feels like I didn’t completely waste my time online. Haha.

  1. Watch classic movies on TCM.

I’ve found quite a few gems on Turner Classic Movies, and the hosts give interesting facts and trivia about movies, directors, writers, actors, etc. Some of the information is a ton more than I’d care to know, but most of the time I enjoy learning what they have to share with the viewers. It’s always fun to see some old favorites, but it’s also entertaining to find new-to-me classic movies that pique my interest and inspire me to keep plugging away at storytelling.

  1. Wash dishes (or other chores).

There is something completely therapeutic about scrubbing dishes. At least to me. While I’m standing there with my arms nearly elbow-deep in sudsy water, my mind is set free to roam about with the fictional characters and story lines I’m attempting to wrangle into a cohesive story that will bring a great and emotional journey into my readers’ hearts. (For a sample of my writing, please check out my short stories on this blog. They may be found by searching for “short story.”)

  1. Take a nap.

Why did the Kindergartners of my generation get all the naps? They were never wanted at that time, but boy, could I use ’em nowadays! Naps can be rejuvenating, but they may also allow the mind to subconsciously work out ideas to fill in plot holes in a current WIP (work-in-progress). They’re really great for waking up with wonderful ideas for blog articles too. Maybe I’ll just… yawn… go find a pillow now, actually.

  1. Read a book.

There’s nothing like reading another person’s work to find ideas and inspiration for my own. It can be as simple as a theme, a character quirk, or a name to inspire a complete blog article or the start of a new story idea. Right now I’m reading Roseanna White’s A Song Unheard, and I must say, I’m feeling quite inspired by the richness of her research. Her books are always saturated in historical accuracy, which I love. I only hope I’ll be able to provide the same nice touch if I write a historical novel someday. I just got a fresh idea for one, so that is a highly probable scenario.

In what ways do you while away the hours?

What household chores do you find therapeutic?

How do you get inspired to write blog articles or stories?

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