A Whimsical Adventure

Have you visited your childhood lately?

Neither has Christopher Robin, but in the new Disney movie that shares his name, he’s about to.

If you enjoyed Winnie the Pooh at any time in your life, this movie is a must-see. It’s a fun bit of whimsy that will transport you on an expotition (expedition, for those non-Pooh fans out there) into the sweet Hundred Acre Wood… and your childhood.

There were mischief and adventure, stubbornness and grace, family and heroics, danger and encouragement. It was everything that Winnie the Pooh always stands for… plus lots and lots of honey.

Pardon my gushing (or join me, if you like). Christopher Robin, starring Ewan McGregor, is one of my top two favorite movies of this year (tied with Tomb Raider, starring Alicia Vikander). It’s everything I think a movie should be. Sweet, funny, sorrowful, happy, family-oriented, and full of adventure and hope. Did I mention whimsical? That isn’t necessary for every movie, but it never hurts.

Sometimes life becomes complex, complicated. It throws us around so hard that we forget what’s most important. It isn’t the jobs we work (though, those are helpful for paying bills). It isn’t the hustle and bustle, the meetings and appointments.

Rather, the most important things are faith and family. Now, faith was not a part of this movie, but I was reminded of it in several places. Like when Pooh attempts to coax Christopher Robin to come back to the Hundred Acre Wood. Or when a friend comes alongside the trembling little Piglet. God is there with us when we’re scared, and He calls to us when He knows a better path than the one we’ve stumbled upon due to our reactions to life’s harsh realities. He comes alongside us and lets us know that He’ll walk with us on the path of the unknown, leading us forward by going in the opposite direction from where we’ve been.

Family, though, was a big part of Christopher Robin, and it’s the thing that makes this life most worth living. Because, if we don’t have our family along for our adventures (and us along for theirs!), then who do we have to share the bumps and celebrations with? Who’s there to make us smile when we’re having a foggy sort of day? Or to throw us a tea party to share a sunny afternoon with our closest friends? Family, my dear friends, is crucial to overcoming fears and obstacles. They lend us their courage when we struggle to find ours. They are a fine example of how God comes alongside us and gives us a boost or a nudge when we’re facing something that is too big or too scary or too… something for our minds to comprehend or face alone.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one with a friend—or a sister, like I did. It’s a great one to take the grandchildren to see. Trust me: Once you see this movie, you’ll want to find a couple of old friends and simply… play.

When’s the last time you played?

Are you old friends with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin?
How do you find fun in dreary sorts of days?
What types of adventures do you enjoy?
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