News Flash: Editing Update

I have exciting news to share with you. I’ll be keeping this short, as I’ve got a persistent headache today, which is making concentrating especially difficult.

Do you recall when I shared the news about the sale of Ashberry Lane to the owners of WhiteFire Publishing? (The article may be read here.)

Well, I’ve been in talks with one of those owners, author and publisher Roseanna White. Earlier this month, she asked me to edit my first book with WhiteFire.

While I thought my editing career might have hit a major roadblock with the closing — then the sale — of Ashberry Lane, God had great plans in store for me. He has opened a new avenue to continue my editing career with both Ashberry Lane and WhiteFire.

One of my goals since I first found out Roseanna had published some of her incredible books with her own company was to work with her. I’d gotten to know her through social media and her blog, and I had discovered the sweetness of this woman, wife, mother, and friend. I am grateful now for the opportunity to edit books for her, to have my dream of working with her come true.

This week, as I’m editing a book by a well-known author in the Christian market, I’ll be thinking of you, my friends. I’ll be praying that your dreams come true. I’ll be wondering about what those dreams are and how hard you’re chasing after them and the incredible opportunities God has planned to plant in your path.

Keep dreaming big, friends. You never know when God will open the door to one of your dreams and welcome you right into living out that goal you’d only hoped for.

What are you dreaming of doing someday?
What dreams are you already living out?
Join the conversation.
I love conversing with you.
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4 thoughts on “News Flash: Editing Update

  1. Congratulations, Andrea! I just know Roseanna from being on her influencer teams and through facebook chats. She seems like a fantastic person. Your personalities obviously click! Great to know both of you “virtually!”

  2. Paula, thank you. I'm so glad I know you virtually too! Have you read A Song Unheard by Roseanna? I'm currently reading that one and enjoying it.

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