Making Progress

I’m not really in a blogging sort of mood today. Last week and the weekend were physically rough on me, so I’m pretty worn out today. Instead of wracking my mind for something important or creative or story-related to write, I’m going to update you on a few things going on in my corner of the world right now.

Health: My knee that I hyper-extended in early February is finally on to the next phase of healing, in which I am able to do light exercises to regain strength and range of motion in the left knee.

Faith: I’m reading through the Psalms this month. Each one brings such comfort and encouragement. I’m incredibly grateful that writers before me shared what they learned of the Lord Almighty, because they’ve left trails of faith for me and many others to follow into Glory.

Reading: Too many challenges and books to count, but I’m checking them off one by one. I’ve already finished fifty-five books this year. I may well surpass my goal of one hundred twenty during 2018.

Writing: This month is Camp NaNoWriMo, and my goal is thirty hours of writing time. I was aiming at fifty, but then I acquired a new editing job, which then became my top book priority for April. As for what projects I’m working on, I am writing a Bible study on Caleb and attempting to finish the first draft of my fiction book Child of My Heart, which you may read a snippet from here.

Editing: As you know from this article, one of my editing clients has gone out of business. On the tails of that news, I gained a brand-new client. I am happy to have the work, as it is always a blessing to help a fellow author’s book shine as brightly as it can once it hits the shelves.

Tutoring: This current semester of tutoring is nearly finished. I’m not sure what the summer holds in store for me in this work, but I’m appreciating every opportunity to help children learn to love to study. One parent recently told me this has happened for her daughter, and I am ecstatic for this sweet family and what it means for my student’s future. Little moments like that make any struggles along the way completely worth it.

What type of progress have you been making recently?
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April’s reading challenge is young adult.

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