Remembering You by Tricia Goyer

Recently, I read a pretty amazing story that resonated well in my soul. It’s one of the books I read for the TBR Extravaganza reading challenge I’m hosting this month. Today, I am sharing my review of this book with you.

Let me catch my breath! This book took me on quite the ride. From the magnificent landscapes to the stories of the WWII veterans to the roller coaster romance, Remembering You contained something special that will be hard to forget. Despite having a crude joke and one expletive (those inappropriate words really kill the momentum and mood of a story for me), this book is a new favorite for me, one I can see myself rereading many times over the coming years. The emotions were deep and complex, drawing me in completely and keeping me invested. The lead’s journey to discover more about her grandfather while trying to save her job really intrigued me. The conflict within her about faith and what she believed about God and prayer really resonated well, though at times it felt a smidge flat, like there wasn’t enough spiritual growth in the lead. I think the reason for that might have been in the subtlety of the faith message. Perhaps another reading will help me see more depth to that aspect of the story. The pacing was good, though a couple of “secrets” were given away with too large a hint, at least for me. One “secret” in particular didn’t produce a single tear for me, a weeper, because I figured it out right when the first hint was given. That did cast a shadow over the “big reveal” for me, but it was still a great finale.

I’m glad I read the author’s note after the story. I won’t spoil what it reveals, and definitely wait till after you read the story to get to the author’s note (there are spoilers involved), but it took my breath away as much as the novel itself.

This book is sure to bless many readers, myself included. I like that Ms. Goyer poured so much of her heart and personal experience into this story. Her attention to detail and huge heart for WWII veterans showed up on every page. This is a journey you will most likely never forget.

* one expletive
* alcohol
* a crude joke

I was not compensated for my honest review.

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  1. I've read a couple of Ms. Roseanna White's books, and I agree. Her writing flows well. She's got a gift, that's for certain! Enjoy A Song Unheard.

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