November is here. What does that mean to you? For me, it means family, Thanksgiving, and NaNoWriMo.

Do you remember when I told you about my project for this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge? I began writing it on November 1, and I’ve been chasing words every day since then.

Would you believe that I’ve already passed 16,000 words? I’ve written three and a half chapters, cried several times (twice on day one!), and am enjoying getting to know these characters better as I step into their upturned world. More than that, while I\’m in the beginning chapters of this work-in-progress, I’m loving discovering (again) that I am a work-in-progress.

One of the things I was most nervous about prior to beginning this book was finding the right tone in the first three paragraphs. I love a dynamic opening line too, so of course I was hoping for one, but I wasn’t really sure if I would find one. I prayed for God’s guidance for the first line and opening paragraphs, as I do over every chapter and every word, because my future readers and this book are so special to me. In addition to that, I want this story to make an impact from the beginning. I knew if I got the tone wrong from the start, I’d end up having to rip the entire story apart in rewrites, and I dislike having to do that — though sometimes it’s necessary.

I am thankful that God answered in the positive by granting me not only the perfect tone for the story but also an incredible opening line. He is so generous to me, blessing me when I don’t deserve it, but always because He loves me.

That’s what really blew me away about the start to my book. Not that the tone was right, but that God led me to it. That He cares so much for me that He extends that caring to the words I write for His glory. This story means a lot to Him, because I mean a lot to Him and this story means a lot to me. He cares about the things I care about. I see that over and over again in my life, and the first line and first three paragraphs and the tone of this book are further confirmation to me that He cares about even the most minute details of my life.

Even more incredible than that is that as I keep focusing more and more on God and His desires for my life, then those details that I care about are the ones He cared about before I even knew they existed. And maybe He always cared about them before I did. Maybe it’s only my perspective that shifts as I draw closer to Him. Maybe that’s the real revelation here.

Whichever way it happens — the whole “chicken or egg” debate, I suppose — God cares about the details, He cares about me, and I care about him. I desire what He desires, or at least I want to. Some days I miss the mark because my humanness gets in the way in the form of self-centeredness. I’m trying to lay that one down, because I truly want to care about what God cares about. More than anything, that’s what I want. To have a heart like His, to desire what He desires, and to love like He loves. I want this work-in-progress to be shaped by the Master’s hands into someone He desires… and someone who desires Him.

What’s special to you this November, and why?
Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?
If so, what type of project are you working on?
How has God shown you lately that He cares about the minutest of details in your life?
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