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Recently, I read an update on Cara Putman’s One Word. It’s an interesting article, and I hope you’ll give it a look.

After reading that one, and recalling that I was planning on updating you guys on my own One Word for 2017, I am here today to share how God has opened my eyes this year.

My word is “see.” One of the things that God whispered to me pretty early on was, “See what I’m already doing in your life.” Okay. So I thought I was appreciating them as they came along, but sometimes life sweeps us along too fast if we aren’t being deliberate about it. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life this year. Here are just a few:

* He further increased my writing ability and passion for telling stories.

* He provided a couple of new clients for my editing business.

* He gave me a lighter summer tutoring schedule so I could catch up on rest.

* He gifted me the opportunity to vacation with a friend who appreciated my help unpacking her books (she had recently moved into a new home).

* He has shown me that He’s been infusing me with contentment through my word this year.

That last one was the kicker for me. All of the others were fantastic, but contentment…? That’s what I’ve truly been lacking in the past eight or so years. I just didn’t know what to call that unsettled feeling I often experienced. The journey to becoming more content has been worth every struggle, each teardrop, and all the heartache I’ve known. Because in their place now are rest, peace, and an inner joy no one can rip out of me. The road was rough and bumpy, but the haven at the end was a divine discovery worth every inch of ground gained.

Overall, I’ve learned how to slow down and really soak in the things God is doing in my daily life. Not just the big stuff, but the little things too. Like when a random sore on my tongue (in those moments, I dislike having a permanent retainer) vanished overnight. Or how God allowed me to help a kitten discover that people are friendly. And that a smile and a kind word really can transform someone’s entire day (I’ve been on both ends of that stick at times this year).


God’s doing a lot of things in my life, and I’d guess He’s doing the same in yours too. From the big to the small, let’s appreciate them, one and all.

So tell me…

What have you learned from your One Word of the year?

How do you appreciate the things God is doing in your life?

What are some of the things God has done in your life this year?

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2 thoughts on “See: A One Word Update

  1. Andrea,Seven months in bed with back problems (three ruptured discs) when you were five years old is when I discovered the greater appreciation for the small and big things in life. To begin each morning, I thank the Lord I am able to get out of bed. I am thankful for so many things… among those are my wonderful devoted, Christian husband and dedicated Christian daughters. May the Lord bless you for sharing His love around the world.By the way, great photos on the blog!!Love you,Mom

  2. Thank you! Those photos were so fun to play with.Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I'm thankful you have been healed from that painful time.

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