A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton

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The heart of A Question of Honor was engaging, well expressed, and heartrending. While there were typos, inconsistencies, and factual and historical errors, this was a powerful, emotional story that easily gripped my soul. There is room for this author to grow in her craft, but she is already carving out space for her beautiful stories in the world of literature. I am eager to read more from her.

The way two different story lines came together was interesting. It was fun getting to know both sets of characters and their quirks, hopes, and challenges. Even more enjoyable was when their individual stories crashed together. It wasn’t always pretty – war’s an ugly thing, after all – but a thread of hope was the binding agent spreading to every page.

One of the most gripping things about this book was the biblical truth woven in. I am unsure whether or not there were Jewish rabbis who were Christians during World War II, or if Jewesses would quote the New Testament, but the messages of the Christian faith were soul-deep fact indeed. I especially appreciated David’s faith journey. To me, he grew the most, spiritually speaking, of all the characters in this story. Faith isn’t always easy, and I like that that was made clear in this book. Particularly because of the faith journeys in A Question of Honor, I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.

What is your favorite WWII novel?

Do you have relatives who fought in WWII?

What is the last book that made an emotional impact on you?

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4 thoughts on “A Question of Honor by Jesseca Wheaton

  1. My favorite WWII novel is actually more than one series! I love all of Sarah Sundin's and she has three series and is working on a fourth. I also just read an interesting book which is the first in a series by Tricia Goyer…. very good as well. An older series is by Judith Pella four books in a series called Daughters of Fortune. And we can't forget the two series by Brock and Bodie Thoene. I really like WWII stories. My father served in the China, Burma India theater. There are several books that made an impact on me recently: Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green and These Healing Hills by Ann Gabhart which takes place right after WWII. And I always love Roseanna White. Finished her A Name Unknown recently as well.

  2. Paula, my appreciation to your father. He is a true American hero. Thank you for sharing his service with us.Wow, you really must love WWII stories to have found so many great ones! I really must get to more Tricia Goyer books. I've collected a bunch of them but have only read a couple of them.Mark of the King is in my TBR. I keep hearing great things about it, so maybe I'll bump it up on my list. I really enjoyed A Name Unknown too.Happy reading, my friend!

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