#PrayingForTexas and #Harvey2017

Right now it’s Sunday evening, and I’m watching The Weather Channel’s coverage of now-Tropical Storm Harvey. There is severe flooding throughout southeastern Texas, my home state. Thankfully, I live in north Texas so am safe from the storm’s path of severe wind and rainfall. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been uninvolved in the storm.

While I have not been able to physically take part in any rescue efforts, I have done what I can do: pray.

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All over social media (Facebook and Twitter are the sites I use a lot), I saw Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey updates with the hashtags #PrayingForTexas and #Harvey2017. These were encouraging to me, and I started using them too, hopeful that they would encourage those most affected by the storm.

I don’t use these hashtags lightly either. My mind and heart have been in a constant state of prayer for everyone in the path of Harvey. I’ve prayed for safety, comfort, encouragement, and aid. I’ve prayed for spirits to be uplifted, for souls to discover God’s love, and for the storm to dissipate and flooding to recede swiftly.

It’s been amazing to see all the locals with boats, canoes, kayaks, tractors, combines, Sea-Doos, etc. rescuing people all day today. “Love your neighbor” took on an entirely new meaning. Seeing some of the interviews and how upbeat the rescued folks have been through the craziness the events of the last few days have brought to their lives has been encouraging. I’m sure there will be other emotions (grief, shock, discouragement, etc.) flowing through peoples’ minds, but I hope they can cling to hope that life will find a normal pace again eventually.

Then today, news of a potential storm off the Atlantic coast of Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia popped up on the radar. And my prayers reached out to the people in the path of that potential storm as well.

The Weather Channel has been on constantly in my home since I heard of Harvey a couple of days ago, and prayers have been in my heart constantly too. They’ll continue to be for the duration of the storms, even when I cannot watch the video footage due to my copyediting and tutoring jobs, both active tomorrow (Monday).

Are you praying for the people affected by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey?

What about those in the path of the potential storm in the Atlantic Ocean?

Have you ever been through a natural disaster before? What was it like?

What type of aid and encouragement did you receive through it and in the aftermath?

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2 thoughts on “#PrayingForTexas and #Harvey2017

  1. Andrea,My prayers are also with all the families affected, the rescue teams, and those out there covering the stories and weather to help everyone be informed and safe. There are needs around us daily. May we all reach out to our neighbors and others in need.Dawn Cox

  2. Amen! Yes, I think getting to know one's neighbors and helping out as needs arise is what being a part of a community is all about. I wish I were better at this, so it's something I'm working on. Thanks for commenting and for praying for the folks in the path of the storms pummeling our country right now.

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