Learning to be Patient

In church these recent weeks, we are studying Ecclesiastes. A verse that really leapt off the page at me yesterday morning was the second half of chapter seven, verse eight:
“… The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”
Ecclesiastes 7:8b NKJ
Patience is something I’ve been working on a lot in the last many years. I’m nowhere near mastering it, and I’m not sure I ever will accomplish that goal. But I feel I must try.
Because I don’t want to be quick to anger. I want to beat the hot temper redheads are so famous for. I want my family and friends to enjoy being around me all the time rather than just in my good moments. Being patient—with other people but especially with myself (I can be brutal with myself when I make mistakes)—is becoming one of the most important character traits to me. It’s one I care most about gaining, learning. Lots of other things grow from it, I believe, such as calm and peace and an even temper. I want those too, but I think I’ll start off with learning patience, because the art of waiting well is something honorable and decent and heroic.
What character traits are you currently learning?
Which has been the most difficult to acquire?
Which was the easiest to gain?
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2 thoughts on “Learning to be Patient

  1. I'm learning to trust completely. You'd think, oh, that's simple. Well, have $0.20 in the bank and still trust G-d. That's a bit extreme but it's the same lesson. 🙂

  2. Trust is difficult, I think, because we often like to be in control of things. It goes against human nature to submit to anyone, particularly God, whom we cannot see with our physical eyes. Yet, when we do completely trust Him, we experience such spiritual freedom that words cannot be found to express the beauty of it. I'm proud of you for seeking such amazing trust, Bess. Keep it up!

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