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Remember when I had you help me choose which project to work on? You ended up choosing a really fun story for me to work on. Now that I’m getting deeper into the plot, I’ve got another opportunity for you to help me out.

How would you like to help me choose some character names?

Here’s what I know:

tall, elderly, quirky, sense of humor, fading memory
serious, too busy for love, trouble deciding what’s best for dad
quick wit, optimist, romantic, world traveler

Note: All three characters are men. So sorry I didn’t make that clear earlier! 🙂

What I don’t know is what name each character should have.

Here’s where you come in.

Now is your chance to help me choose names for these male characters so I may plug them into my story. They can be plain or unique, long or short, full names (first-middle-last) or just a first name. Get creative with them, and let me know what you come up with.

Leave a comment with one name per character.

(Example: Father, Brian; Son, Chad; Stranger, Isaiah)

Which names should I choose for each of the three fellows?

Join the conversation!

I love hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Pick a Name

  1. Father: Gabriel TurpinSon: Zachary TurpinStranger: (is the stranger a male or female?)Male: Curtis J. Carey Female: Zoe GraceThese names are very personal and special to me. Gabriel and Zachary are my babies that are in heaven. Curtis is my Dad's name (he has been gone for 10 years now) and Zoe Grace is the name I never got to use because my last child ended up being a boy. 😉 I am really looking forward to your book, Andrea! <3

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