And the Winner Is…

Last week, I asked for your help in deciding which story to work on for the rest of June. To recap, here were the choices:

Option #1

A woman wakes up in a hospital unable to remember anything about herself, but the doctor recognizes her immediately – only he doesn’t want to tell her the truth.

Option #2

Several ladies head out on a cross-country road trip, but each one’s secrets cause problems along the way.

Option #3

A former singer hides out with her daughter in a quaint horse town, but a stranded journalist thinks she could be just the story he needs to revive his stalled-out career.

Do you have a favorite in mind?

And the winner is…

~ OPTION #2 ~

Several ladies head out on a cross-country road trip, but each one’s secrets cause problems along the way.

Hooray! I’ve been looking forward to this road trip story for a while now, and some scenes are finally flowing. I’ve got some names chosen for my lead gals and am working on the fellows. There might be some more reader participation in a week or two, maybe to help me narrow down some names, so be on the lookout for that.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a little inspiration with you. Particularly, which movies have already inspired me where Option #2 is concerned.

Letters to Juliet


How could one not be inspired to write a road trip story by watching a road trip story? Besides that fact, Letters also holds a bold sweetness that I adore and hope to capture for my own little story. Another thing I love about this movie is how the two young leads misunderstand each other so often, yet they’re drawn to each other in a way that only a road trip — and a sweet, if slightly pushy, and definitely wizened older woman — could encourage. I’m hopeful that I can harness a little of those beautiful, crazy vibes for my Option #2.

Leap Year


Another road trip movie, and one that makes me laugh hysterically through every single viewing. Yet, at the same time, it contains enough drama to make me let loose a few tears. I would love to rein in some of that dual-purpose talent for my own road trip movie. Ah, to be able to move one’s audience from laughter to tears in the blink of an eye… The witty banter isn’t something to sneeze at either (I really must look up that phrase and see what it means!). Something that always piques my interest in this movie is something I have yet to learn how to write well. Only I hope I can this time. Leap Year boasts a pair of characters who really hate each other but who learn to love each other well by movie’s end. I’m aiming for something similar with my lovely Option #2.

The Hundred-Foot Journey


Food, family, friendship, rivalry, diversity, and very quirky characters… What a recipe for success! (Pun intended.) The themes in Journey are delightful and filled with tension at the same time. That conundrum is a difficult one to master, but it’s a challenge worth attempting, I believe. I especially like how loyalties are tested and morphed along the way in this movie about pursuing one’s dreams across the globe.

Three movies, three road trips. I’m seeing a trend!

Last Chance Harvey


Ah, Harvey. What can I say about this movie? The first time I saw it, I fell in love with two things: its sweetness and the fact that the breakup wasn’t either lead’s fault. I hope to pencil in both aspects — at least in some fashion — into my own story. I also like how it’s a gradual growing story line, not in one’s face at all, quite the opposite, in fact. It starts with a series of negative revelations, then grows the romance and hope in a steady climb that crescendos with a misunderstanding and a sappy reunion I can’t help giggling through every time (right after I wipe away a few tears — again, every time). This movie is filled with more witty banter and light mystery, as well as an overall gushiness that sprouts from a seed of sweetness. Every time I watch it, I end up sighing happily at the end, and that\’s a quality I hope to bring to my Option #2.


Yet another road trip (sort of). More like globetrotting, which mine could be considered as well. It’s awesome to see that all four movies that I chose as inspiration (they quite possibly chose me, actually) have some sort of road trip angle to them.


As I write Option #2 (which already has a working title, but I’m holding that trinket for a later reveal date, which is yet to be known), I will be watching these four films plenty of times for inspiration, particularly if I get stuck with writer’s block at some point. They’ll make me laugh, cry, and nearly everything in between, which is perfect for the creative side of my brain.

Writing Option #2 will stretch my abilities as a writer, which I think is necessary for growth in one’s craft. Reaching the ability to include all of the things I truly treasure about the four films in this article is something worth striving for, and I’m just going to go for it. If I don’t try, there’s no possibility of succeeding, now is there?

Stay tuned to Writing to Inspire for further updates on Option #2… and all of my other writing projects!

Do you like road trips?

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

What is your favorite road trip movie?

Do you have a favorite road trip book?

(One that involves a road trip within the book


one that you love to take with you on a road trip.)

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  1. Thanks, Angela! This one actually is a movie idea rather than a book… at least for now. I never know if/when the inspiration will strike to turn one into the other.

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