Forgetful Me

So, y’all, I have to apologize. I completely forgot about my blog. This past weekend flew by, and as I was heading to bed on Sunday night, I remembered, “My blog!” So here I am, at a quarter after eleven on Sunday night, and I have no clue what I’m going to write about.

But you guys deserve a blog article.

A good one.

Like the one I told myself back on Friday to be thinking about, because I wanted to have it written up by Saturday afternoon. Yeah. That totally did not happen.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Well, if it’s true that it’s the thought that counts, please know that I must be raking in the Brownie points now, because I’m thinking very much about you in this moment. And I will be during next week too as I finish reading the book I’ll be blogging about on the fifteenth. (Yes, I’ll remember. Though I love reminders too.)

I’m terribly sorry for not having come up with anything better than a rambly apology for an article for today.

Hey, at least I didn’t forget somebody’s birthday.

Or did I?

When was the last time you forgot something important?
Have you finished your Mother’s Day shopping?
Don’t tell your secrets, though, in case your mom reads this blog!
Happy Mother’s Day!
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2 thoughts on “Forgetful Me

  1. Did someone mention forgetting their blog? *raises hand* I am so very guilty. 😛 I need to write a post today actually. So behind, lol…

  2. Vee, I know the feeling so well! Sometimes I really wonder why I post articles every week when each week flies by way too fast. But I love writing, so there you go. 🙂 Hopefully we may both get caught up on article writing soon.

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