My Soul Sings by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Do you believe in jinxes?
I don’t.
But there’s a fictional town that completely does, and a young woman is suffering because of their superstition.

Kim Vogel Sawyer’s My Soul Sings contains an incredible sweetness that I have come to expect and admire in her writing. I especially liked how she wove that in amongst trials such as disability, outcasts, superstitions, hermits, and prejudices. Not only that, but she laces the entire tale with a thread of humor that perfectly balances out the weighty topics. One thing more that I enjoyed was how she’s got such a wonderful ear for nuances of speech. That really comes through well on each page.

Once again, her characters are unique and deep and greatly diverse. The plot was intriguing and filled with twists and surprises I didn’t expect. The thing that always draws me to a KVS book is her heart. It’s laid bare with each letter in every word that’s set in every single chapter. It’s quite clear that she cares about the message her readers receive, and that is such a gift, because it means she’s prayed for everyone who reads her stories. Can you imagine a stranger praying for you? Kim and I have met via Facebook and e-mail, but never in person, and prior to my connecting with her in those places, I was a complete stranger to her… yet she prayed for me as she wrote My Heart Remembers, the very first – and still my favorite – of her books I read. And if you pick up one of her books to read… well, then she’s prayed for you too. Isn’t that neat?

May God bless you as you read one of her novels!

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Have you ever prayed for a stranger before?
How have you seen the power of prayer work in your life?
Have you ever prayed for the authors of the books you’ve read?

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