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Hey, y’all! Wow, has it been a crazy few days (or weeks) around here. Editing deadlines, Thanksgiving, tutoring picking back up from Thanksgiving break, and loads of Christmas cards to write, not to mention wrapping presents and trying to figure out what I’m going to bake this year. Yeah, talk about a mental overload.

So, I am thrilled that I had chosen today as the day to re-post one of Beth K. Vogt’s blog articles, with her permission, of course. (The original article may be seen here.)

The Lesson in the Waiting
by Beth K. Vogt



I came across this quote while reading a book by author Robin Jones Gunn last week. Yes, I underlined it, thinking, “This will be a great quote for a future blog post.”
Today’s the day.
We’ve all waited for something … counted out the seconds, minutes, hours … days, weeks, months … and rejoiced when the waiting was over and what we longed for (or who we longed for) was finally ours. 
But did you take the time to notice the difference between who you were when the waiting began … and who were when the waiting was over? 
I’ll admit there were a lot of years when it was all about the waiting and the wanting for me.
But I’m learning to be more aware of what God’s accomplishing in my heart while I’m waiting. I’m learning to listen to what He might be saying to me — about why I want something or about what my reaction might be if I don’t get what I want. I’m learning to understand that even if the waiting seems unbearable and even if it looks like nothing is happening, that doesn’t mean God isn’t accomplishing things that I can’t see. He’s working on the circumstances, yes, but God is also working within other people’s lives and within my own life during the waiting. He’s readying for whatever the final outcome is, whether it’s the answer I wanted or not … or even more waiting.
What have you learned while you’ve waited?
Oh … the book I read by Robin Jones Gunn? It’s titled How My Book Became a Movie.
Beth K. Vogt
About Beth K. Vogt:
Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” Beth won a 2016 Christy Award and a 2016 Carol Award for her novel Crazy Little Thing Called Love. She was also a 2015 RITA® finalist for her novel Somebody Like You. Beth continued her popular destination wedding series with You Can’t Hurry Love (May 2016) and Almost Like Being in Love (June 2016). Visit Beth at bethvogt.com
Other places you may find Beth:


About Almost Like Being in Love:
She’s won an all-expense paid, luxurious, dream wedding—all she needs now is the groom! 
Winning a destination wedding would be a dream come true…if Caron Hollister and her boyfriend were engaged. How is she supposed to break the news that she’s won their dream wedding when he hasn’t even proposed? Sure, everyone says they’re perfect for each. And he’s likely to pop the question any minute. But will  it really work if he can’t even see why she likes the idea of a destination wedding?

Realtor Kade Webster has put his past heartbreak with Caron behind him. His thriving real estate company keeps him busy and now he’s secured a big win with the Colorado Tour of Homes. Then his home stager cancels, leaving him in the lurch…just as Caron shows up in his life once again. She can help him with the Tour as long as they keep things purely professional.

Spending time helping Kade while she should be planning her dream destination wedding has Caron in knots. They broke up for good reasons, yet she’s still embarrassingly attracted to him, even if he sometimes drives her crazy. How can she be feeling such things one man when she’s imagining a wedding with another man? Can she say “I do” to one man when she’s wondering “What if” about another? 
(See Andrea’s review of Almost Like Being in Love here.)
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  1. Thanks for re-posting this article, Andrea. I needed a reminder today that God is still working and I need to be patient. That's my Achilles heel…patience. 🙂

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