Apologies and Adventures

My dear friends, I owe you an apology. This article is late! I don’t remember the last time I’ve forgotten to get a blog article ready.

Last week, my family and I went on a small vacation for a little R & R. It was fun. One of those trips where people are more important than pictures.

We went on nature trails, even though it was raining. Hello, umbrellas! Thankfully, my mom had packed three umbrellas, so she and my dad shared one and my sister and I each took one. My foot might have slipped on a tree root or two, but the journey was an adventure with beautiful surroundings and a wonderful pitter-pat sort of soundtrack. Don’t worry. There was no lightning.

Another place we visited was the Tyler Rose Garden. The woman at the information desk told us we were a bit late in the season, but we still saw many beautiful roses… again, in the rain. Who knew it was supposed to rain practically the entire time we were on this trip?

A couple of times the sun decided to make an appearance. My sister and I took advantage of the beams and went swimming. Loads of fun, but after all the trail walking, my muscles were already sore. A good sore, though.

On the way back home, when we stopped for lunch, I somehow managed to whack my thumb really hard into the edge of the taillight on the SUV. Yeah, that completely hurt. A lot. So I bandaged up my bleeding appendage, then got a cup of ice to numb it in, since it was throbbing horribly. It’s been very difficult to do many things since then, as, of course, it was my right thumb… and I’m a righty. Isn’t that always the way of it?

Work starts back today, and I’m ready to get to it. Oh, okay. Maybe I’m not completely ready. There’s still laundry to do and some unpacking to take care of. But it will be good to get back to a normal-for-me routine.

Friends, have you ever experienced an injury of any kind while you were on a vacation? Did your plans get altered because of it?

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