Fitting Things In

There are various seasons of life. Birth, death, school years, retirement. Sadness, joy, busyness, relaxation, illness, good health. It seems like we’re in constant motion among many of these different phases of life.
Right now I find myself in a particularly busy season, and managing my calendar might just be my most challenging job during this time. Between my work as a tutor of middle school students and that of copyediting other authors’ novels, there is little space left for the things pressing on my heart.
What are those things, you ask?
Finishing the first draft of my favorite-so-far manuscript.
Having a movie night more than once a month with my family.
Cleaning my house on a more regular schedule (how do the dust and gunk gather so fast?)
Writing to my pen pals (yes, the old-fashioned pen-and-paper kind)
My sister and me at a Dallas Mavericks game.
Then there are my hobbies:
Watching the Dallas Mavericks (NBA) and Dallas Stars (NHL) games on TV.
Reading books from my to-be-read pile.
Catching up on my favorite television programs.
Organizing (or reorganizing) my personal belongings.
Trying new recipes.
This list really could continue for quite some time, but you get the idea. There are lots of things I could add into my already busy schedule. Some must be fit in; others may be left out.
But what is the most important thing I absolutely cannot forget to carve out time for?
My Heavenly Father.
Since my main goal this calendar year is to purposely draw closer to God, it is imperative that I carve out time to spend with Him every single day. I’ve experimented with what time of day works best for me, and I’ve come to realize that there is no better way to begin my day than by communing with God. So whether I wake early and am able to spend a full hour with Him or oversleep and can only eke out ten minutes, those moments are precious to me, and I covet them, guarding them as the precious treasure they are. For without my daily manna, I am worthless in either of my jobs, will never find enough time for the fun (or not so fun, depending on the item) ‘other stuff,’ and will not wear my best attitude, making me miserable to be around.
Yes, having a busy, filled schedule is a good thing. After all, we all know what comes of having idle hands. But let us never forget to pause for a while each morning (or midday, afternoon, evening, or night; whichever one fits you best) to rest in our Lord’s presence. Soak in His guidance, His words to you. Allow Him to mold your heart, character, mind, and soul into something beautiful that will better reflect Him.
Most of all, guard those treasured moments that belong to just you and Him. I know I will be.
Friends, how do you carve out time to spend with God? If you’ve been lax in this area, what is one thing you can do this week to get back on track?
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