Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Have you ever read a book that took a turn you didn’t initially like … but came to admire?
Room for Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer was like that for me. Here I was, rooting for one thing to happen, and suddenly something completely different and unexpected happened. At first I was quite shocked and wasn’t sure if I’d come to like the track the story took. Yet, as I continued reading, the characters burrowed deeper into my heart and the plot twists kept surprising me. Several times I found myself staring open-mouthed at the book, then quickly gobbling up the next few chapters to learn what would take place next.
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In the latter chapters of the story, I reevaluated my feelings on the “different track.” What I discovered was perhaps the biggest shocker of all. Instead of being uncertain about the thing that had bewildered me, I had come to really admire the thing. Maybe this surprise was unexpected and off the usual path, but it was handled by an expert storyteller who long ago mastered the art of spinning a complex tale that exquisitely reflects the realities of life.
Room for Hope is yet another in the lengthy list of fantastic stories that will stick with me well past the turn of the final page. It is truly the God-given talent of its author that allows this novel to speak so profoundly to my heart. The grace and mercy with which Kim pens stories that bear such heavy, difficult topics shout with whispers of forgiveness and a depth of love we would all be wise to yearn for. Through Kim’s books, God shines brightly, inviting the lost and broken to find refuge and healing in His glorious presence.
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Thank you to Kim Vogel Sawyer and her publisher for a complimentary copy of Room for Hope in exchange for my honest review. It’s such a joy to be a Hope Harbinger!
Friends, what was the last fictional book that reached deep into your soul and whispered God’s words of love to your heart?
If you could share only one novel that has impacted your life, which one would it be and why?
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